4 beautiful underwater attractions

There are many different beautiful place where you can findĀ  traditional monuments and ancient ruins. The underwater attractions are another story, so if you are tired of visiting popular and crowded place around the globe, check out below 4 awesome underwater masterpieces where you can have fun with your family and friends.

Poseidon underwater resort in Fiji

fiji poseidon

It is awesome place where you can spend your honeymoon in the best possible atmosphere. Poseidon underwater resort will give you luxury and pleasant moments during your stay for sure. It offers private airplane from the airport of Fiji to the island called Poseidon Mystery. It is large about 225 acres and is built about 12 meters under the ocean level. It is made of steel and large safe windows. There are 22 rooms in the hotel, that is why it is really hard to rent a room in it. During your vacation there you can visit the underwater library, the wedding chapel, several luxury restaurants where you can try many delicious meals and many more attractions which will keep you entertained without any doubt. The underwater life and the colorful fishes will free your imagination and make you relaxed faster than you think.

Hotel ” Conrad Rangali” in Maldives

hotel ragali

Another great underwater hotel which can be the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. If can find here wide variety of luxury rooms and suits. There are also many attractions which you can visit during your vacation in Maldives. The underwater life and beauty will make you stay inside in the hotel at least one day. After you had enough of it, you can swim, surf and enjoy many other beach attractions. The comfort which you will receive and the pleasant memories will make you want to came again for sure.

The Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada

Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada

It is located in Molinare Bay and it is the first underwater park in the world. You can see many unique underwater sculpture created by the British sculptor Jason Taylor. He is experienced diver and the best motivation for his masterpieces was the destruction of the beautiful coral reefs in the region. Most of the beautiful sculptures are covered with underwater vegetation and they look very mystical and ancient. You will remember forever your diving in this amazing and unique underwater park.

The underwater restaurants” Red Sea Star” in Eilat, Israel

red sea star

Nowadays, the restaurant is very popular tourist attraction and if you spend your summer vacation on the beautiful coast of Red Sea in Israel, then you have to visit it for sure. It is really modern and green building and you will see that immediately after you enter in it. The beautiful interior and the fantastic underwater world in make the luxury meals which you will order really delicious. The underwater floor of the restaurant is in the form of stars and will give you the unique opportunity to see the breathtaking view of hundreds of colorful sea creatures and amazing coral reef. There are also 62 panoramic windows which will make you feel like Poseidon in your own kingdom.

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