5 Amazing and Unusual places to visit this summer

God has blessed dear old Earth in abundance when it comes to glorious places to visit, both natural and manmade. We as tourists, tend to go to places where everyone has been before and is extremely popular. Places like Hawaii, Montreal, National parks and much more. What we tend to forget is that our planet is pretty huge and to cover only the ‘popular’ places would be a sin. Where else to go then you ask? Well, let us help you out with a list of really odd and yet fun places to visit this summer!

1.    The Whaley House – California

Whaley House

If you have an urge to explore monuments that have a history of spooky things behind them, The Whaley House settled right in California would be your best bet! The Whaley house has a reputation of spooking the best of the bravest! It’s known to have occurrences of various supernatural events around its estate. The Whaley House was actually a proper house, in which a family lived. Some of the family members died either of sickness, while others committed suicide. That created a long list of family members dying within the house, and till date, many claim spotting ghosts of the dead members of the family inside the house. The house was converted into a national museum in the month of May, 1960. If you have an urge to get spooked, this should be on your visit-list.

2.    Gravity Hill, Pennsylvania Phenomenon – Pennsylvania

Gravity Hill

Have you ever tried to defy gravity? Well, to some it may sound absolutely absurd, but the fact seems that you can actually experience such a weird phenomenon in the remote unreachable corners of Bedford County, in South Central Pennsylvania. You can do all sorts of anti-gravity stuff here, inclusive of wearing a space suit and jumping around or riding a space shuttle for a mere $10. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll find water flowing in the opposite direction and the weirdest and shocking of all: Cars rolling uphill! I won’t spoil the fun of the secret behind this, but just to let those light hearted to calm down, it’s a phenomenon caused by an ‘illusion’. Want to know more? Well, head on to Gravity Hill!

3.    Colored Earths and The Chamarel Falls – Mauritius

Colored Earths and The Chamarel Falls

If you thought you’ve seen paradise on Earth, think again. You’ve not seen real nirvana, until you visit the Colored Earths and The Chamarel Falls in Mauritius. It’s absolutely a breathtaking portrayal of Mother Nature in all its glory. Granted that Mauritius is famous enough already, but this little place is quite off the map. This wonder of nature is an amazing place to visit and it’s always the same in almost every season, throughout the entire year. People and travel enthusiasts from across the world travel thousands of miles just to get a breathtaking view of the Colored Earths and Chamarel Falls. The lush green grass, natural water falls, shaded rocks and much more will capture your imagination and won’t let you go.

4.    Villisca Axe Murder House – Iowa

Villisca Axe Murder House

Villisca was coined to be a peaceful and a quiet community till the 10th of June, 1912, when a horrifying incident was discovered. Eight bloody corpses were discovered in a weird and a mysterious house. The victims of the gruesome murders included the unfortunate members of the J.B. Moore family, and two other guests that were sharing the house with. The murders are still a mystery, which continues to baffle the historians for over 90 years now. The murders were not just a stab on the chest, but rather a gruesome and a horrifying murder. The murderer had crushed all the members of Moore family members’ heads with an axe. But unfortunately, the killer was never caught. The house has an eerie feeling and as you tour the house, you get a weird feeling of being watched by someone and the house is definitely not meant for the light hearted.

5.    Weird Mysteries of Stonehenge – England

Weird Mysteries of Stonehenge

England, The land of palaces, large towers and other marvelous display of architecture has something extremely unusual to offer as well. If you ever take a trip to the glorious land of England, be sure to visit the ever striking and mysterious creation, which so far, no one knows who was responsible for: The Stonehenge. The Stonehenge, located snugly in Wiltshire, now popularly known as the national mark for Britain, has turned many heads. Many questions such as:

•    Who Built It?
•    When was it built?
•    How was it built?
•    Is it a temple?
•    Were the Extraterrestrials involved?
•    Does it have strange magical powers?
•    Is it a link to the other world?

Questions like these have baffled scientists and historians for years. Keeping these weird anomalies aside, the Stonehenge is an absolutely attractive and a beautiful place to visit. It’s a place which you will absolutely never forget, and will linger on in your memory forever. The historians claim that this place was built over a various series of phases, which took well over a thousand years and as far back as 3000 to 2000 B.C. As a matter of fact, the Stonehenge is located in a region where most of the Neolithic and Bronze age archeological finds and treasures were discovered and located. The Stonehenge continues to stand tall, proud defying the tests of time and age. So, if you’re ever in England, do visit the Stonehenge and try to come up with a theory behind the construction of that monolithic structure of your own.

The above five different places are just an example of what us travel enthusiasts are missing out on! We usually stick to the places that we are sure to prove worthwhile, ignoring the beautiful places that Earth has to offer. Always remember that the world is an amazing place to explore, starting from horrifying places to various unknown mysterious places to downright breathtaking landscapes. It’s all there on a platter waiting for you to discover. So, what are you waiting for? Put on that curious hat and get out of your house and start discovering!

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