5 beautiful Mediterranean summer destinations

Mediterranean region is well known across the globe with its beauty, amazing resorts and unique places. It is really favorite travel destination for millions of people and if you plan to spend your summer vacation on the coast of Mediterranean sea, but still do not where exactly to go, check out below 5 beautiful places which can easy make you relaxed and happy.

1. Aeolian Islands, Italy

aeolian islands.4

The beauty of Aeolian Islands and the cobalt clear water will really amaze you when you visit them for a first time. This small archipelago includes eight islands and the rare beauty and calmness which you will find there will make your vacation simply unforgettable. The unique combination between azure waters, fantastic mountain peaks, ancient history, delicious cuisine and friendly local people will help you to experience the best vacation in your life. The opportunities which you will have are simply numerous.

2. Tarifa, Spain


The town of Tarifa is really unique place, because the entrance of the town is separating the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Tarifa is amazing place where you can see the coast of Africa from Europe, because the distance is only 13 km. This lovely place is also known as “the windy city”, that is why it is perfect summer destination for many surfing lovers.

You can find a lot of attractions and activities in Tarifa. The beautiful beaches, the incredible bars and restaurants, and the unforgettable and fantastic center of the city will make your vacation pleasant and joyful as never before.

3. Cassis, France


Cassis is another beautiful French town where you can find many brilliant beaches, spectacular cliffs and landscapes and , of course, some of the best wines in the world. The history of this small port town is really interesting and you will hear a lot of stories about the great past of the town. The city was fully restore in 18th century and now you can see many beautiful buildings in bright and pastel colors. The architecture will make you feel like you are a hero inĀ  some interesting story. The beaches and the calm and pleasant atmosphere of Cassis, along with the famous white wines, which are symbol of that region, will make your visit really amazing.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia


This famous Croatian resort is favorite place for a lot of popular persons and movie stars. The baroque buildings and the marble streets easy make the city look incredible and unique. The stunning old town, the beautiful beaches and the ancient monuments and architecture rank the city in the top of the Mediterranean pearls. The glorious history of Dubrovnik, which was very important port and commercial center is real guarantee that you will have a lot of things to see, hear and learn.

5. Tossa del Mar, Spain

tossa del mar.2

Tossa del Mar is another beautiful resort in Spain where you can many water sports and amazing beaches. It is located really close to Barcelona, only 100 km away, and you can reach the resort without any obstacles. Among with the beautiful beaches and water attractions, the Tossa del Mar offers really many temptations and you can be sure that there you will find everything you need for perfect summer vacation. The green valleys, the beautiful streets and hotels and the interesting and friendly bars and restaurants will make your relaxed and in great mood without any doubt.

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