5 Holiday Essentials

Everyone knows that going on holiday is an exciting occasion, however, there are a number of practical elements to consider before you go. In the spirit of making sure everything is in order before you head off into the sunset, read on to find out about 5 holiday essentials you should never forget.

Passport and tickets

It almost goes without saying that, when you’re going on holiday, you need to take your tickets with you. Also, if you’re going abroad, make sure you’ve picked up your passport before you dash out the door (and checked that it’s still valid!) and usually has at least 6 months before expiration left. The mad dash to the airport before you jet off is always stressful, but it definitely helps if you know you’ve got your tickets and passport to hand.

Travel insurance

Another essential holiday item is travel insurance. Buying holiday insurance may not be the most thrilling prospect in the world, but you definitely need it, even if you’re going on holiday in the UK as you never know what might happen. There are even different types of holiday insurance that you can buy depending on where you’re going and how often you travel. It doesn’t have to be an expensive extra either, a quick search of the web can yield a number of cheap holiday insurance options. A multi-trip policy for regular travellers is a really good option and, if you’re going to be taking part in any extreme activities while you’re away, it definitely pays to have specific insurance cover for them.

holiday insurance


You might already have paid for your holiday, but you won’t get very far without some cash, so make sure you’ve got plenty of the relevant currency before you go. Try putting at least some of the money into traveller’s cheques or an insured pre-paid card so if you lose it, you’ll be able to get it back much more easily than if you just took cash.

First aid and other necessities

There is a whole range of other little things that you should always take on holiday, from a small first aid kit to your EHIC card if you’ll be travelling in the European Union. These things might well come in handy so it’s always worth making sure you have the basics covered when it comes to health. A small pack that includes your first aid kit, any medication you take and other health information should be sufficient for most trips.


Finally, holidays are great but the weather doesn’t always do what you want it to, so take some entertainment for those unfortunately rainy days. Books, packs of cards and other games are all good options.

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