A guide to driving around Italy – Pisa

So, you’ve decided to head to Italy for a holiday – good choice; the nation is one renowned for its wonderful authentic culture, beautiful art and architecture and sumptuous food. A great spot to base yourself in for an Italian getaway is the Tuscan city of Pisa – a coastal settlement known for its leaning tower and as being the birthplace of celebrated scientist Galileo Galilei.

To take in all the city has to offer, renting a car for the week or so you’re staying for is a good idea. Save your legs for exploring all the wonderful sites! Once your flight has touched down, you can browse car hire at Pisa Airport and choose a vehicle to get around quickly and easily.

There are some superb attractions to visit in your hire car, the most obvious of which is the leaning tower. Construction of the bell tower began in 1173 and it began to lean during the building process. Pay a visit to find out more. The tower is located on the Square of Miracles – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – which in itself is one of Pisa’s most popular tourist hotspots. Here, you can admire beautiful Pisan Romanesque buildings and sites, including the cathedral, baptistery and cemetery.

Travelling by car will mean you’ll be able to take in many of the city’s top sights in just one day! It’s also a really useful way of transporting people if you have children with you or are travelling in a group. Driving in any foreign country can be a new and challenging experience, so it’s worth bearing some important factors in mind when you visit Italy.

Rules and regulations

• Modern UK driver’s licences should be accepted in Italy; if you have an older version, you might need an International Driving Permit, too.
• All vehicles must carry a warning triangle, reflective jacket and – between October 15th and April 15th – snow chains.
• Vehicles with an overhanging load, such as a bicycle being carried at the rear, must display a reflective panel bearing red and white diagonal stripes.
• The majority of motorways will charge a levy for use.


• The legal limit in built-up areas is 31 mph, or 55 mph outside these places. Dual carriageways carry a limit of 68 mph and you can travel at up to 80 mph on motorways.
• If you’re a new driver, you must not travel faster than 55 mph outside built-up areas, or 62 mph on motorways if it has been less than three years since you passed your test.
• In wet weather, dual carriageways carry a lower limit of 55 mph and motorways 68 mph.


• Fines are handed out on the spot and are increased for serious offences committed after 22:00 local time at night and before 07:00. These can be particularly heavy for speeding offences, as well as drink driving.
• The drink driving limit is 0.051 per cent of alcohol in the bloodstream. Drivers found to be above the limit may be fined, have their vehicle confiscated or be imprisoned.
• Drivers who have less than three years experience have a limit of zero alcohol in the bloodstream.

As long as you stay on the right side of the law, you can expect your getaway in Pisa to be memorable for all the right reasons.

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