A simple picnic will do the trick

Daily life work routine is almost always accompanied with stress. It is inevitable part of the work days and when weekend comes along it is the number one target for elimination, so that on Monday morning there is none left in the system. In spite of its hard meaning, stress can be a simple thing to deal with. It takes just few chess movements on the board for it to be thrown off the game. A simple picnic will do the trick.

Saturday and Sunday morning in Keycamp are the best times for most of the people, if not all the people. There is nothing more relaxing than to wake up couple of hours later without the alarm buzzing in your ears; a nice breakfast without the need to look in the watch weather it is the time to go to work. Once you finish your Sunday breakfast, plan the rest of the afternoon for a picnic in the park. Don’t make it just A Simple Picnic; make it a one-of-a-kind picnic.


If you plan to have a picnic in the park of your own then it’s more the simple. Just pack your bag pack with couple of sandwiches, snacks, beverages and a small mat or a rag to lie down on. With this setting, what you need else is a good book to help you “travel in fiction”. Lying in the park in Keycamp under a tree reading a book is the number one enemy of stress. The moments of not thinking about your work will refresh the aura around you in an instant. Breathing fresh air fills the oxygen levels in your body and refreshes you more than coffee.

A picnic is a great opportunity to meet with friends, meet new friends, celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a reunion and etc. Many city parks offer wooden benches and tables for afternoon lunch. You will also get to see people of all ages playing all sorts of board games like chess, backgammon, checkers and etc.

On an afternoon picnic – the opportunity to play a game of soccer on a green grass is always an option. The wide space also allows the setting for throwing Frisbee.

It seems that Picnics always have the ford ‘fun’ attached to it. When there is a weekend and sun, there is a way to relive stress and reproduce additional immunity against stress. The very thought that a picnic in the park or to an off-urban landscape is on the schedule delivers from stress.

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