Avoiding Travel Hold Ups

One of the worst pats of a holiday can be travelling. It can take a very long time to get to a destination and if there are hold ups or if the journey is not nice then it may be the most memorable part of the holiday, which is certainly not ideal. It is much better to be able to have a good trip and have a memorable time once you get there and by planning in advance this can often be achieved.

It is a good idea to try to do everything that you can to make the journey as good as possible. The first thing to do is to start off with a positive attitude towards it, do not expect it to be bad but just be ready if it is. If you are travelling by car then consider leaving at a time when there will be less traffic on the road. This tends to be before 9 am and after 9pm. This will mean getting up very early or travelling at night but if it means that the roads are clear then it could be well worth it. If yo need to get to somewhere to catch a connecting train, flight, bus, ferry or whatever then plan to be there very much earlier than necessary. It would not be good if you missed it because of being held up in the car and this can happen, especially if you are travelling in the school holidays when most people take their holidays.

Avoiding Travel Hold Ups

It can be difficult to avoid public transport hold ups but if you travel at a time when there is less demand on public transport then it is less likely to be held up. It is also good to be organised yourself so that you do not cause the hold up by not having the correct documents or being in the right place at the right time. It is not possible to control everything but if you do control what you can then it will help the situation.

It may be possible to have an alternative plan should you get held up. You may have a different route if you are in the car or have a different form of transport in mind, should one have delays. It is worth having a plan because many people may take time to think of one, should there be the case of a hold up or delay and if you are the first to action the plan then you will avoid any build up due to everyone seeking the same alternative as you.

If you do get held up then keep calm and try to be relaxed. If there is nothing you can do then it is best to just try to make the most of the situation, use the time to read a book or newspaper or plan what you are going to do once you get on holiday. It can be hard not to get stressed but just remember that you are on holiday and there is no rush to do anything, make the best of it and be patient. This will make things much easier to cope with and should help you to arrive at your destination in a better state of mind, ready to enjoy yourself rather than being in a situation where you have to calm down first.

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