Be In One with the Sun in Costa Rica

Costa Rica can be found in Central America and lies in between Panama and Nicaragua.  To its east is the Caribbean Sea at to its west is the Pacific Ocean.  This just shows that the borders of Costa Rica are mostly coastline.

Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, is a perfect place to begin your expedition.  The city can be easily accessed and all buses practically travel to and from this area.  It has a cool climate since it is in high elevation.  Although you’re in a busy and active city, you will still feel that you’re in the tropics.  But if you want a place that exudes simplicity, which is totally different from San Jose, the port of Limon is the most recommended place to visit.

This country has a lot to offer to tourists, but unfortunately, many people don’t get to experience all of it because they travel right away to the beautiful and famous beaches and scenic rainforests.   San Jose may not be the world’s most admired city, but it definitely is worth visiting.


Costa Rica is a small place – it is actually just the size of West Virginia.  Even though the country is small, it still has many things to offer to vacationers, such as abundant forests, pristine white sand beaches, relaxing hot spring waters, incredible surfing experience, and many more.  If you want to have a view of the natural wonders of the place, you can simply rent a car or ride on a bus.

Many of the mountains surrounding the Costa Rica are volcanoes that are actually active and very accessible.  Some of the volcanoes include the Poas, located in Alajuela Province (this volcano is among those that have the largest craters); the Arenal, located in the north western part and it boasts its flowing lava all year roun; the Irazu, located in Cartago Province (its last recorded eruption was in the early 1960s). Another famous volcano is the Barva.  It is dormant and has scenic forests growing in its crater.  The active Arenal volcano is, likewise, frequented by tourists as it has hot springs and a spa where one can relax.  Mount Chirripo is also one of the mountains that surround this great country, but it is not a volcano this time.  Atop this mountain, you’ll be able to view two oceans, which are the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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