Do Frequent Flyer Miles Still Count

Trying to figure out how to save money while you travel and se the world can be really difficult. Just when you think that you’ve got things handled, there’s always a layer of doubt that makes you wonder if you really could saved more money than what you did. You need to think about not just the money you save, but the quality of your trip.

What about those frequent flyer miles that everyone likes so much? Do they really still matter? The truth is that promotions will always be there for frequent flyer miles.

They were first introduced in 1981 by American Airlines, and other airlines have definitely followed suit. Even British Airways and Virgin have frequent flyer miles. The purpose is easy — to keep you using the services those miles are linked to.

Frequent flyer miles are about status. Accumulating a lot of them opens doors for restraint reservations, gift cards, floral arrangements, and more. You can exchange frequent flyer miles for cash in some cases as well. This means that they’re actually getting a big discount for frequent travel and that’s something that’s really important to do when it’s all said and done.

Frequent Flyer Miles

If you want to enjoy the best that travel has to offer, you have to find ways to elevate yourself away from the crowd. Frequent flyer miles allow you to do that. Even though they’re easier to acquire than ever before, some travelers just don’t feel that they’re worth the effort. You’re going to have to break out of that pattern and go for what you really want. That’s the only way to go in order to get what you really desire.

What about getting those nice seats on the airplane? Frequent flyer miles can unlock customer service doors that you might have figured were just closed to you forever.

What are some of the best discounts and perks?

One, you get to skip the long lines. Airport security is getting just plain nuts. This means that there’s less time to really relax before the plane takes off. Having tier status in an airline’s frequent flier program does wonders for shaving time off a task that a lot of people really don’t want to do. Nobody really wants to fly – it’s just the fastest way to really get where you’re trying to go. Otherwise, you’re stuck with driving. Driving has its own drawbacks that just aren’t fun.

You also get access to a lot of private lounges that aren’t open to the public. This is where you get to relax before your flight and even connect with other people. Business owners and other high powered professionals can really benefit from this.

If you want to accumulate miles faster, you need to get a credit card that actually rewards you. This makes it easy to accumulate miles with just about every purchase you can think of. Hotel stay? Put it on the card. Of course, this means that you can handle credit like a champ without getting overwhelmed. That part is up to you to figure out. But you definitely should able giving frequent flyer miles a chance before it’s too late.

Good luck!

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