Fall is the best time to visit Del Mar

Southern California’s Del Mar beach is a true gem; this is the beach that people think of when they dream of summers in the California sun. You can reach Del Mar by car from either Los Angeles or San Diego. You can also get there via Amtrak and the Coaster, a local service that runs from San Diego to Oceanside.

There’s more than just the beautiful beach that brings people out to Del Mar. The month of June brings in the Del Mar Fair, and shortly after that, horse racing begins at the Del Mar Racetrack. Prime horse racing runs from mid-July through the beginning of September.

Del Mar RaceTrack
Del Mar RaceTrack

You should expect everything that comes with big crowds when summer hits Del Mar. Hotels fill quickly so you’ll need to reserve your room well ahead of time. Beach rentals are hard to come by, and the restaurants will have lengthy waits. Del Mar is normally a relaxed, calm kind of town, but locals know that everything seems to happen at once during the busy summer season. Fortunately, the Del Mar residents are kind enough not mind. Once the track closes, and the summer beach comers go home, the quiet ambiance of Del Mar returns and brings with it some of the best beach weather of the year.

Del Mar is a beautiful place to be in during the fall. Stop in for a week on the beach, or take a nice, extended weekend at the resort. The days are still long and the water is still warm in the fall. One of the best things about traveling at this time of year is that the smaller crowds give you a chance to enjoy more of the amenities, and to take more time doing it. You’ll see a lot of surfers at Del Mar in the fall as storms in the south tend to generate large swells up in Del Mar; this makes for tremendous surfing.

Because fall is considered “off season” in Del Mar, hotels and beach rentals are easier to get and can often be obtained at discounted rates. You can also take more time to enjoy the exquisite cuisine at local restaurants because you’ll get seated quicker and there’ll be less of a crowd. Favorite eateries include Jake’s, the only restaurant on the beach, and L’Auberge, where you’ll get treated to unique and luxurious fine dining. Other local favorites include the Pacifica Grill and Epazote’s. Travelers who love to shop will find some of California’s best shopping in the Plaza, right in the center of Del Mar.

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