Family Cruises Everyone Will Enjoy

If you want to take the entire family on a vacation or holiday getaway that they surely won’t forget, perhaps you’ll want to consider a cruise. Many people hear the word cruise and they hear nothing but dollar signs that they can’t afford, but the good part is that nowadays cruising is becoming more affordable. Here are a few top cruise lines to consider.

Disney Cruise Lines

The entire family is sure to have the time of their life on this cruise line. There is a certain type of magic kids as well as adults will come to enjoy from eating breakfast with their favorite Disney characters to enjoying 3D shows. There are kids clubs and even special hangout spots for young teens and older children. Adults can enjoy the numerous bars and little cafes while the children are in the cabin with the sitter for a little alone time. There are pools and even learning activities to keep your child engaged the entire time. There is something for everyone aboard Disney Cruise lines so plan your next Disney vacation.

Royal Caribbean

You’ll find a number of age appropriate activities for the entire family aboard Royal Caribbean. Ships are expanding each year allowing for even more entertainment taking your cruise experience to the max. Children will enjoy rock climbing, swimming, ice skating, water parks, mini golf and much more. Adults can take a little time out from reality and enjoy spas, karaoke, and much more.

Family Cruises

Princess Cruises

Princess cruise ships again have dedicated areas for different age ranges allowing everyone traveling to enjoy their trip. Some of the many activities include talent shows, pizza parties, crafts, video games, giant TVs, juke boxes, and much more. Another great benefit is for younger children there are learning activities to educate them while they play. Young teens and older children can enjoy activities as well without their parents which allow them to make new friends while aboard.

P&O Cruise Lines

There are 5 ships offered on this cruise line which all are geared towards family entertainment and enjoyment. There is a kids program for children from 2-17 which is further split onto age groups. This program is called The Reef and allows children to be entertained from ball rooms to soft play areas and more. There are video games for older children and a supervised nursery if you’re looking for some alone time with your partner or to pamper yourself.


NCL has become partnered up with Nickelodeon to bring you the ultimate experience. Children can enjoy dancing with Dora at her music party and also singing and dancing with Spongebob Squarepants. Older children can take advantage of the video games such as Wii and Xbox, while families of all ages can enjoy the Blue Men entertainment that was recently incorporated into the cruise line.

Regardless of where you want to go, cruise lines are catering more towards families of all ages and within all budgets. Cruising has become a family favorite for many and can be done even with the tightest budget as most cruise lines offer all-inclusive packages for your convenience.

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