Family Road Trips: How To Save And Then Save Some More

Family road trips can make wonderful memories for the kids. However, with the recent inflations and gas prices soaring beyond belief who can afford one? You can! There isn’t a reason in the world you should cancel your family road trip because I’m going to give you some neat ways to save some money, and then save even more!

Don’t believe me?

Most family vehicles tend to go through some rough times. You have soccer practice, outings with friends, and Sunday church service. If you have kids, you probably use the car a great deal of the time! But how often are you tuning it up? We all know tuning takes money, and god forbid something expensive needs fixing. . .  But a car does need tuning and most people know that with a tune up you get more savings!

Family Road Trips

The average savings on a car that is actively taken care of is around 6 – 8% (in terms of gas). When you get around to adding that up for the year you’ll be blown away, promise.

Once you’re on the open road and getting some miles behind you start cruising. Cruise control is a great invention. I don’t understand why more people don’t do it. It prevents you from going under or over the speed limit. Which decreases your chances immensely of being pulled over. Its a win-win situation. Or is it?

A problem that some people don’t realize before its too late is the terrain. The terrain your driving on can affect your cruise control. For example, lets say your going up a hill and you’re currently going 60MPH on cruise control. Well that might not be enough power. . . Your car realizes that and begins to push beyond that. The acceleration consumes more gas and your out a few bucks!

Don’t be a fool. When you notice that your going up a hill turn cruise control off and start speeding up slowly. When your going down a hill begin to slow down. A computer can only do so much for you!

Another problem that most families have is money management. They tend to overspend when on a trip. To avoid this you can set up a plan. Such as where you will sleep, what you will eat, and how calculating a rough estimate of the amount of gas you’ll need to purchase for the trip. You can do this by calculating the mileage it will take to get you there then multiplying it by current gas prices.
Just because your on a family road trip doesn’t mean you’ve become rich. Be in control and plan it out. The more you plan the less you will spend.

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