Fun Family Activities in Paphos Cyprus

One of the perks of going on a vacation is that your children are usually less demanding. The best vacations for children are beach vacations because there are so many activities for them to enjoy. In addition to being able to swim, your children can play in the sand, explore, and play games. It is not unusual for a child to go on a beach holiday and make a life long friend. One place that has lots of beaches and both parents and their kids will enjoy is in Paphos Cyprus.

One of the reasons that Paphos makes for such a great family vacation is because there are lots of Activities that your whole family will enjoy and they won’t break your budget.

Paphos Cyprus
Paphos Cyprus

Paphos Aquarium

Since nothing will ruin a beach vacation faster than rain, you should always have one or two activities set aside for rainy days. On such thing should be the Paphos Aquarium. When you visit the aquarium you will be amazed at the wide variety of colorful fish that are house in globes that have been designed to resemble their natural environment. If you get hungry you can eat at the aquariums restaurant. Make sure that you visit the gift shop before you leave.

Ithaki Amusement Park and Mini Golf

The sun and surf are nice, but every once in a while you need to take a break from it and do something else. One option that is inexpensive and lots of fun is the Ithaki Amusement Park and Mini Golf. After playing an invigorating round of miniature golf with your family, you can than bash into one another with the bumper cars. If you have smaller children who aren’t old enough to enjoy miniature golf or big enough for the bumper cars, there is an area set aside for swings and slides where they can play.

Snake George’s Reptile Park

Snake George has to roles in the Paphos community. He is often asked to remove snakes and other reptiles from the locals homes and gardens. He also runs Snake George’s Reptile Park. He takes the reptiles that he catches and include them in a place he has set up for visitors. Your kids will be amazed by the stories they will hear and they might even get to handle on of Snake George’s friendly snakes. There is a small entrance fee, which Snake George uses to care for his reptiles.

Aphrodite Waterpark

Everyone loves water parks, and Paphos has the Aphrodite Waterpark which is a perfect place to spend the day with your family. There are places to eat and lots of cool things to do. One of the more unique features is the spraying elephant.

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