Getting the Best Value for Money Holiday

Many people think that good value for money means getting the cheapest deal. However this is not the case at all. If you find the holiday of your dreams and then negotiate a cheap price, then that is getting the best value that you can but by just finding something really cheap you are risking that it will not be a good holiday at all for you.

If you pay less money for a holiday then it is likely that you will not get such a good experience. You are likely to get a less good journey and the accommodation will be less luxurious. You do get what you pay for and so it is likely that by paying less money you will have a less good holiday.


It is important to think about what the best quality holiday you can have for your money is rather than thinking about the most you can get. You may consider that having a fortnight, for example is better than a week, but if it is a nasty resort and the accommodation is poor then it may be much worse. It therefore might be much more worthwhile having a luxurious break for less time and then you really will enjoy yourself but just not for as long.

The best way to get the best value for money is to write a list of your requirements and find a holiday that fits it. If it is too expensive then it is a good idea to wait and save up so that you can get the holiday you want. It is better to wait and get exactly what you want rather than buy too soon and get something cheap which you do not enjoy – what a waste of money that would be.

There is often still some element of guesswork when choosing the holiday in that you cannot really tell whether you are getting the best value for money until you have actually had the holiday. However, by doing a lot of research and thinking hard about what you want from the holiday, you are likely to be able to choose something which is perfect for you and your family.

By planning well, thinking about what you want and sticking to your budget, you should be happy in the knowledge that you are getting the best possible holiday for you are your family with the funds that you have available to you.

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