Golfing During Your Costa Rica Vacation

Everyone knows that Costa Rica is a great place to go if you are an avid bird watcher. But you might not have realized that it also has some really amazing opportunities for golfers. What could possibly be better for your golf game than playing in the middle of a tropical paradise?

The Courses

Not only are Costa Rica’s golf courses challenging, they are also sunning. The country was able to get some of the best course designers in the country to design the courses, and each one tried to incorporate the natural beauty of the country into the design. When you golf in Costa Rica, you will be able to see the ocean waters, the sandy beaches, the jungle, and the volcanoes.

Course designer Tracy May designed a fantastic 18 hole course that spans 6782 yards and is a  par 72. Tracy’s course is the Parque Valle del Sol.

On the northern coast you will find the Hacienda Pinilla, another par 72 course, which spans 7274 yards and was designed by Mike Young.

Golf Courses - Costa Rica
Golf Courses - Costa Rica

Additional Perks

One of the really great things about golfing in Costa Rica is that the country is very accessible to golfers that are natives to the United States and to Canada. Since the world class golfing is easy to incorporate into a family vacation, everyone, even the non-golfers will have a great time. When your not on the golf course you can eat some amazing meals, enjoy the night life, and hang out on Costa Rica’s beaches.

Traveling to Costa Rica

When you are purchasing you airline tickets to travel to Costa Rica, make sure you know how much you are going to be charged for extra baggage. Additionally, ensure that the airline knows your extra baggage is golf clubs. Double check to make sure that the price hasn’t gone up a few days before you flight. Since you are going to be hauling your golf clubs all over Costa Rica, you will want to rent a car once you get there.

Because it usually rains in the afternoon and evening, you should try to plan so that you golf in the morning and than you do family activities in the afternoon. The best months to golf in Costa Rica are July and August when they don’t get quite as much rain.

Before leaving for the golf course, make sure that you are aware of the courses dress code. Very few of them will allow you to golf in bathing suits and cut offs. Men usually have to wear a collared shirt.

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