Get some really good deals on your holiday extras

We all know that the costs of a holiday or mini break soon add up. What starts as a ‘great deal’ can soon end up costing you more than you bargained for by the time you have forked out for all of your holiday essentials. Travel insurance, car hire and airport parking to name a few are all deemed essential if you are travelling alone or with friends and family. the last thing you want is to spend your well deserved break in the local hospital, panicking about how you are going to cover the costs of medial assistance or arriving at the airport having not booked your parking space and having to spend more than you anticipated.

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However, with a little preparation and some time spent prior to the trip, you can get some really good deals on your holiday extras, saving you more money to treat yourself with whilst you are away.

1) Shop around – When searching for great deals, it pays off to have a few methods to find the best way of money saving before you go. The internet is a great place to get started with hundreds of price comparison sites and often extra discounts for booking online.

2) Pre-book your holiday extras – This is simple. These will quickly eat into your budget so if you take one bit of advice from these tips it should be to pre-book these in advance. The market is extremely competitive so there are lots of companies offering you great deals on these. With regards to airport parking there may be offers, discounts or a free extra day at some of the main airports. Gatwick, Birmingham and Newcastle airport parking are popular with holidaymakers, so be sure to book these as soon as you know your flight details.

3) Pick the most suitable option – With so many options available, it is easy to get confused by which will be the most suitable for your travel needs. Do you want single trip cover, family cover or multi trip when purchasing travel insurance? Or on airport terminal parking, meet and greet or valet parking when it comes to airport parking? Take Birmingham airport parking for example, you can choose from meet and greet, on or off airport options and if you are thinking about booking on-site parking, its important that you choose the correct terminal you are arriving and departing from. Don’t just go for the cheapest option available at the time of travel, think of it in the longer term and the best option if you are lucky enough to be travelling more than once in the year.

By taking time to think over the cost of the whole holiday with add-ons and not simply the trip itself, you will get an all round idea of how much you will need to budget and how much you will need to save in order to really enjoy the trip that you have worked all year for. Pre booking in advance is key to saving money, as well as finding the best deals available for your trip.

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