How to save money on your next getaway?

In this stressful modern environment, we all need to escape occasionally. Whether it’s a quick weekend away somewhere local or a big adventure abroad, these times often provide the best and most memorable moments of our lives. But in today’s uncertain financial climate, the costs can rocket.
So how do you save money on your next getaway? Well, here’s a novel, but fun way of saving money: Wazzamba!

Firstly, what is Wazzamba? Wazzamba is an online gaming site….with a bit of a twist. Users can sign up and earn points (or Miles) on a variety of online games. Nothing unusual so far. The way they spend these points, however, is where the real fun starts.

Wazzamba players can use their points to do one of two things:

– Enter a range of daily, weekly or monthly competitions to win anything from Starbucks vouchers right up to $2000 cruises & vacations
– Purchase competitive discount vouchers on hotels, activities, vacations and more

It’s the second option that really helps you save the pennies as the Wazzamba Travel Shop hosts a wide range of offers, from discount hotel stays from Hotelopia to ready-made vacations from Tropical Sky. To give you some inspiration, here’s some ideas on where your Wazzamba coupons could take you:

Fun for all the family

There’s very few children that would turn down the offer of a trip to Disneyland. With Tropical Sky & Wazzamba, that doesn’t have to be quite so costly…


Tropical Sky can offer a week in a spacious Disney Villa just 20 minutes away from the Disneyland resort for just £449 or $989 per person, a full 10% saving!

Or, if you perhaps want a quiet family holiday in Europe…why not try a beautiful French city like Nice? Hotelopia have fantastic deals & with the Wazzamba discount…it’s even cheaper. Check out the beautiful Hotel Choiseul, right in the heart of Nice.

Thrill seekers

For those with a taste for adventure, there’s plenty of activities and destinations to sate your appetite for adrenaline & excitement…

Firstly, the Fuerteventura Quad Safari experience allows you to explore this Spanish island on an exciting quad bike! As long as you have a driving license, you can operate the bike as your guide will show you the controls. Zip along the island, over rocks and below volcanic craters…it’s the only way to travel, really. Get 10% off with your Wazzamba Miles.

Or, if you have urge to connect with a tribe of people much unlike your own, try this exciting 4WD excursion to the Berber tribe of Marrakech, up in the Atlas mountains. Your experienced guide will take your for mint tea, a traditional Moroccan meal and of course to meet the friendly Berber tribes.

It’s a great opportunity to meet another culture and can be made cheaper by using your Wazzamba Miles discount to secure a 10% discount.


For those taking that certain special someone somewhere very special…
It may seem a cliché, but there’s few cities in the world more romantic than Paris. Take in the sights: the Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower and any one of the numerous fine restaurants with your beloved. Check Hotelopia for cheap deals on lovely hotels, made cheaper by the Wazzamba discount! Here’s a highly rated hotel, modern, sleek & elegant.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, go on an adventure to India with this week long tour around Darjeeling, Gangtok & Kalimpong. Explore ancient monasteries, take the toy train through Darjeeling and enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery you’ve even seen.

All of these trips & activities can be made cheaper by purchasing a discount through the Wazzamba Travel Shop. Sign up for an account now and you’ll automatically receive enough Miles to purchase a 10% discount straightaway…

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