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With 17 million people aspiring to be digital nomads in the future, becoming a digital nomad is becoming increasingly popular. According to statistics, 75% of workers would quit their current job to work for a company remotely as a digital nomad.

According to research, 90 percent of digital nomad workers are pleased with their jobs and said that they wouldn’t go back to an office job. Due to the fact that they can be flexible with their time and set their own working hours, they can travel and visit new locations to fulfil their day and get joy.

Regarding the travel, you don’t need to be in the country you were born in, if you have the money and feel confident, you could be working abroad and in a different country like say Bali for example. This destination is perfect for digital nomads as there is many things to do in the location, there are also many existing nomads in the area as well, so you won’t be a stranger. If this has a sparked your interest and if you are looking for a city guide to Bali, then we have got you covered.

We have over 25+ courses available to help you build your digital skills; we’ve already included four of them in the infographic, but there are over 20 more, ranging from video editing to accounting to coding to life coaching and more!


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