Inexpensive Honeymoons–Helpful Hints

Every couple wants to make their honeymoon unforgettable whether they are not constrained by money issues or they are working within a tight budget.  Of course, great honeymoons cost money but there are cost-cutting ideas any couple can use in order to get more from this once in a lifetime trip.

Apartment Rentals

Short-term apartment rentals complete with furnishings can many times be rented on a weekly basis with a cost that is cheaper in comparison to hotel rooms.  Doing this not only allows you to save money, but also experience the local culture by staying in a residential are of town.

Inexpensive Honeymoons
Inexpensive Honeymoons

Shout It from the Rooftops

From the moment you arrive at the airport check-in desk to the time you book your accommodations or even grab a bite to eat, make sure you tell the service representatives you are on your honeymoon.  You could be rewarded with airline and hotel upgrades, special gifts, and complimentary services.

Honeymoon Registries

There are a few select websites and travel agencies that provide a registry where guests of the bride and groom can make donations towards their honeymoon as an alternative to wedding gifts.  Guests may even have the option of paying for a romantic dinner or spa package to make their gift more personal.

All-Inclusive Packages

If you want to travel with minimal hassles and stress, book an all-inclusive package for your honeymoon cruise or hotel.  This allows you to better determine the total cost of your honeymoon vacation as drinks, meals, entertainment, room price, various activities, and taxes will all be included.  But before signing up, make sure to learn all of the covered and excluded amenities by reading over the fine print.  

Travel to Your Dream Destination During The Off-Season

Every tourists location has their own off and busy season, which means prices can be extremely varied during both seasons.  While some destinations partly base their prices on current weather conditions, many tropical locales have fantastically warm weather throughout the year.  These places bump up their price during the times when tourists visit to get a reprieve from their hometown’s dreary weather.  Ask your travel agent when the location of your choice is in its off-season and book your honeymoon vacation within that time frame.

Avoiding Airline Price Gouging

There are several effective methods to avoiding the price gouging that the airline industry is notorious for.  You can look into smaller, less traveled airports as opposed to major hubs and find out what specials are offered by certain airlines during various times of the year.  Of course, now is the time to put those frequent flier miles you have been saving to good use.  As you can see, there are many ways to save a few dollars on your airline travels as long as you plan in advance to avoid last minute rate hikes and fees.

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