Izmir – the Turkish pearl on the Aegean Sea

Izmir is another beautiful Turkish city which has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is a place where you can spend your summer vacation in Turkey without experience the noisy crowds which you can see in most of the Turkish resorts. Izmir is city with great history and many beautiful buildings and monuments, so if you get tired form the sunny beaches. you will always have really many opportunities for pleasant and relaxing time.

Izmir was founded by the Trojans and according to many historians it is the birthplace of Homer. Another interesting fact about the city is that it is the third largest city in Turkey and the second largest port in the country after Istanbul. Maybe you can think that spending your vacation in such a large city has many negatives, but once your are in the city you will see that your are wrong. There are many beaches and places where you can relax and enjoy many water and outdoor activities. The city is perfect combination between the modern Mediterranean Europe and traditional Turkey. The huge boulevards and the modern skyscrapers naturally coexist with the traditional Turkish style houses, mosques and old churches built during the 17th century.


Izmir offers to its visitors some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Turkish coastline. The Aegean Sea with its clear waters, the astonishing beaches, the magnificent view and the lovely small fishing villages scattered around the coast will easy make you fall in love. The charming nature and the numerous attractions and opportunities for pleasant and relaxing time will easy make you to forget about daily stress and enjoy your vacation with full strength.

The hotels where you can always hire a room even in the busiest summer time have everything needed for your comfort. The excellent infrastructure with paved roads and palm trees, the huge green parks and well preserved monuments and buildings will give you the great possibility to see everything beautiful in Izmir in less than 2-3 days. One of the best attractions which you can see is Meidani Konak – magnificent square with really well decorated 25 foot clock tower called Kulesi Clock, which is actually the emblem of the city. It is great example of the beautiful architectural style of the Ottoman Empire. Form the square you can easy reach the rest of the notable landmarks of the city – the City Hall, Konak Mosque, The Big Market, the Music Academy and the Opera. Their architecture will easy grab your imagination and remind you about the great past of the country.

Velvet Castle is another interesting monument which acts like a magnet for the guests of Izmir. It was built in 4th century BC and had really great protective and strategic role. It is now under restoration, but you will still going to be able to see all its beauty and power. The Roman and Byzantine engravings on the walls are really rare view which deserved to be seen.

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