Living Out Your Dream Holiday in Spain

Spain has been a European vacation destination for over fifty years. The first travellers landed in a small Spanish village in 1954, when only a few small hotels and one shop for exchanging currency existed. Since then, Spain has become Europe’s primary destination for tourists from all around the world, with Torremolinos and Malaga being the dominant spots during the eighties. Also during that time, the Benalmadena Marina was completed and went on to win awards for the world’s most beautiful marina for several years in a row. Now, you will find busy resorts all along the entire south coast of the country, with the most density in the Costa del Sol area.

In order to accommodate the rapidly increasing number of tourists coming to Spain in the seventies, hotel builders in Costa del Sol quickly erected a series of large, plain hotels. These simple structures are now being replaced one by one with fabulous modern resorts filled with state of the art facilities and elaborate architecture which reflects the true culture of Spain. Plaza Sol y Mar is Costa del Sol’s famous market with a nightlife sector that attracts hordes of young travellers each year.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol

Spain is a truly diverse vacation destination, offering all kinds of fun and interesting activities for adults, children, couples, and singles alike. For example, golfers can choose to play a round at one of over three hundred professional golf courses that, together with the hundreds of vast resorts, frame the whole coast. British golf enthusiasts are known to travel the short distance to Spain frequently in order to further enjoy the sport on these scenic world-class courses.

Barcelona is another popular destination for those travelling to Spain, although it offers something completely different from great beaches and golfing. Here exists a cosmopolitan community full of character and some of the most beautiful and original architecture in Europe. Among Barcelona’s most famous attractions are Gaudi and pieces by Puig Cadafalch and Domenech i Montaner. Madrid is another very popular Spanish city with many attractions.

One of the greatest things about Spain tourism is that flights and accommodations are known for being pretty affordable, especially if travelling from the UK. There are all kinds of packages for Spanish vacations and absolutely great deals can be found if you book last minute. There was a time where Spanish tourism was at an all time low due to its attempt to rush the industry into fruition; though, since then, it has been redeveloped into the ultimate dream holiday for anyone looking to travel to Europe.

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