Long-Haul Destinations Make a Strong Comeback This Summer!

Are you in it for the long-haul? Chances are pretty good that you are if we’re talking about flight times! In a perfect world, every travel destination that we fall in love with would be a short haul flight — that is to say, within a few hours of where we live. however, this global society that we live in is filled with treasures and wonder beyond our current imagination — until we go out and explore, of course! Then we can actually visualize and appreciate everything that life has to offer us. It’s better to think about the type of experience that we want to have instead of just whether or not something is actually close to us or not. While you might not like the idea of being on a flight for a very long time, the truth is that there are really some places in the world that are really worth visiting — even if they’ll take a 12 hour flight (or more) to get there!

Let’s say that you want to get away from your current muggy, blisteringly hot temperatures. Now would be the perfect time to think about holidays to New Zealand. Indeed, you might remember from geography class that the seasons are “flipped” from one hemisphere to another. This means that in the South Pacific where Australia and New Zealand are located you’re actually going to be going into the autumn and winter months while you might be enjoying summer back home. If you’ve always wanted to be able to go skiing in June, traveling to New Zealand is actually a great way to make that happen!


Because a lot of people want to travel off-peak, changing your weather to winter when the world wants summertime conditions can be perfect. New Zealand is filled with a lot of different activities to do, and the local culture is vibrant enough to attract millions of travelers every year.

Now, what if you really do want to enjoy your summer during the months you expect? Then it’s off for Hong Kong holidays — always a treat for just about anyone. If you like luxurious surroundings, you can find that in Hong Kong. Even though the Chinese government has taken some criticism in the media, Hong Kong is actually a very laid back city with plenty of things to do. The government knows the value of tourism, so they have worked hard over the years to ensure that visitors to Hong Kong will be properly dazzled.

No matter where you want to go for your long-haul destination of choice, you definitely have two very attractive options to think about — but don’t delay too long, because good deals happen to those who act fast!

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