Mediterranean Cruises from Southampton

For many travelers, there is nowhere in the world with as much natural beauty as the Mediterranean. With tropical beaches, port locations at some of the world’s most fascinating cities and an ideal climate, it’s hard to argue that the Mediterranean isn’t as wonderful as they say. For U.K. residents looking to experience the splendors of the Mediterranean on a cruise, there are many cruise line’s that have ships departing from Southampton.

The port of Southampton is a favorite departure destination due to its closeness to London and its natural appeal. Folks who have to spend a day before departure in the city will be gratified by its scenic waterfront area, and by its rich history. Southampton, after all, was the place of departure for the famous Mayflower when it left for America in 1620. The Maritime Museum is an excellent destination, as well, for its historical artifacts and information – a perfect place to pass some time before the cruise begins.

The specific liner that travelers choose depends on what Mediterranean destinations they want to see most. For example, those wishing most to visit Iceland and its fjords or perhaps to make the transatlantic journey to New York will be attracted to P&O Cruises. Those seeking cruises to Northern Europe or the Baltic countries will be serviced best by Cunard. Prince Caribbean may be the best bet for cruisers with an urge to explore the Canary Islands and Spain. Planning is incredibly important in booking a vacation, and deciding which destinations are most attractive before booking a ticket is a wise move.

Mediterranean Cruises

However, there are a few destinations that seem to appeal to all Mediterranean cruisers for their world-renowned wonder and spectacle. Athens, Greece is a fine example of this sort of place, with its incredible architecture and cultural history. Few vacationers will want to miss out on seeing the Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum, the Arch of Hadrian or the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Naples, Italy is another one of these incredibly popular ports. Founded over 2,800 years ago, Naples is fascinating for its history and cultural heritage, while maintaining a modern flare. The art and architecture in the Italian city rival the best the world has to offer, and the dining is truly an experience unequaled. After all, it is the birthplace of pizza!

Monte Carlo, Monaco is also a staple on the list of top Mediterranean destinations. It is the most fabulously glamorous city on the Riviera, with its famed casino and Hotel de Paris. It also has plenty of culture for the more historically interested, such as the Oceanographic Museum and awe-inspiring Cathedral of St.Nicholas. The nightlife in Monte Carlo is also world-class in its exuberance and variety.

Leaving for a cruise from a city which itself has plenty to offer by way of entertainment is an excellent way to begin a vacation. Mediterranean cruises leaving Southampton abound online, and destination options are in great variety. Whether it’s a transatlantic voyage to New York with a detour in Iceland, or a Northern European crawl that a traveler seeks, a cruise from Southampton is a hard trip to top.

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