Oahu – the Heart of Hawaii

A holiday in Hawaii means fun and enjoyment. Known as the heart of Hawaii, Oahu is a place where there is maximum population density. With its lovely cool beaches and a rich culture Oahu is certainly going to be an experience of a lifetime. Apart from the beaches, forests and wildlife of this place are worth exploring especially for people who love environment and greenery this is the place to be for them. The deep trenches and the valleys in and around the capital city of Hawaii are worth exploring. For your comfortable stay you can either book a room in one of the many five star hotels in Oahu or you can even book camps and decent enough guest houses.

The street food available on wagons in Oahu is really tasty and to go along with the tasty food you will find excellent weather conditions in the evenings which will just mesmerize your mind. The city of Honolulu houses some ancient monuments, museums and palaces which attracts thousands of art lovers. The city is famous for its Chinatown wherein you will find a rich variety of art forms such as paintings and sculptures for sale. The Bishops Museum and Lolani Palace are some of the other worth watching historical sites on this island.

Travelling to Lo’olau and Wai’anae mountain ranges in the northern part will be fun because the roads are surrounded by huge pineapple and sugar fields. Moving towards the west you will find the Leewards’s coast and beaches like Nanakuli and Makaha. The Ka’ena Point in this region will give you a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean.

The Makapu’s point is a famous spot in the eastern side where heavy wind blows. One can get an aerial view of the nearby Molokai Island from this spot. Waimanalo a rural town is also near to this point. The Lanikal and Kailua beaches lie in the town of Kailua which is another rural town in Oahu. Visiting these small towns will give you a break from the normal hectic lives and actually make you feel that you are on a vacation. The Lanikal beach is famous for its water sport activities whereas the Kailua beach has a coast line of over 2 miles and therefore very popular for an evening walk and hanging around.

A coastline runs along with the Highway to Hanauma Bay where you will find thousands of tourists fishing and having fun. The Maunalua Bay is another tourist attraction which is very near to the city of Oahu. The La’ie region in Oahu is famous for the Mormon temple and Polnesian cultural centre. With so many places to visit it is convenient to book a private taxi and roam around in the city. Because there are numerous places to be visited in this region you need to ensure that you have proper time at your disposal so as to enjoy your vacation and believe me Oahu is going to be real fun.

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