Overcome Excuses Not to Travel

Traveling is a great way to learn new things and experience different cultures, but often times, no matter how excited about the prospect, people find reasons to forego the excitement of leaving home. It takes more than a longing to get out of town. The primary excuses for not traveling are money and fear. There is never enough money for anyone; even celebrities do not feel they have earned enough. If you start planning now you will likely find that it isn’t nearly as expensive as you thought.

Start by getting a passport; it will last ten years, buying you time to take the next step. Think of one place you have always wanted to go that is a good place for new travelers, like Europe. Even a short excursion to a touristy place in Canada or Alaska will be an unforgettable experience, and it will not cost you nearly as much as traveling farther abroad. Going somewhere similar to what you are used to will give you an idea of what traveling is like without forcing you to learn a new language or talk to strangers if  these are some of the things that you use to justify not leaving home. It takes away some of the elements of fear if you plan a trip closer to home or more like home, but closer trips are a good way to branch out and get acclimated to new places.


You are just planning on traveling, not moving. Think of the trip as a great way to forget about a job that you cannot stand. Once you return you may find that the job does not bother you so much, or it could simply be burnout that is making you so tense. If you do not think you have the time for a long trip, plan a short one to somewhere a few towns or states away. It will cost less and can be done over a long weekend. Getting used to the idea of traveling can take some time, especially for locations further way, it may seem impossible to have that kind of time. But if traveling is something you are really longing to experience, the best thing to do is just go. Shuffle some money around and save for a few months. Once you have the tickets and the hotels booked, you will wonder why it took you so long.

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