Overcoming The Fear of Flying

In the past, most people could simply walk down the street if they wanted to see their friends and family. However, as life forces us to move further and further from family and friends, the only way to efficiently visit them is often through taking a plane. If you’re afraid of flying, this makes for a very challenging problem. Failure to overcome your fear of flying means that you will have to give up the chance of seeing family and friends, something few people are willing to actually do. After all, family and friends are an important piece of what makes us human, and being disconnected from them is downright painful.

Finding the inner strength to overcome this fear is not easy, but it can be done. If you’re ready to take the steps to overcoming your fear, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Fear of Flying
Fear of Flying

First, you might want to try writing down your feelings around taking the plane. What feelings come to mind as you think about taking a plane to see a friend? Is there a reason or an experience around your fear of flying? Many people often find that the reason why they don’t want to fly is centered around a bad experience they had on a previous flight, or a bad experience someone else had. If you can get down to the root of your fear, it’ll be easier to slowly overcome it.

Next, try talking to someone that’s flown numerous times in their life. If you have a friend that flies frequently for business, they have plenty of positive stories they can share with you that may clear away some of the concern you have about flying.

Finally, don’t rush the process of overcoming this fear. This means that you don’t want to set a certain deadline to “beat” your fear of flying. After all, it’s highly unlikely that this fear appeared overnight — so it’s unrealistic to assume that this fear will simply go away overnight.

Overall, overcoming the fear of flying is something that may take a long period of time before it’s truly “gone” for good. However, if you take the tips in this guide to heart, you’ll have a better foundation from which to beat the fear of flying once and for all!

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