Sightseeing in Geneva – Switzerland

Quite a few tourists are instantly attracted to the wealthy city of Geneva, Switzerland where they can be surrounded by glorious nature and seemingly magical scenery.  Switzerland is actually a fantastic place to go to for vacation but there is something special about Geneva that usually makes it the first stop for those visiting the Swiss region.

All of the international organizations that make headlines in world news can be seen in Geneva–Red Cross, World Trade Organization, and United Nations.  Each organization makes itself open to curious tourists who want to more about their operations.  This coupled with their luxury hotels, helpful services, and delectable foods make Geneva a wonderful city to visit.

Popular Attractions

There is an overabundance of Genevan tourists attractions that fall under a wide range of categories–meticulously maintained parks, breathtaking natural views, enormous wonders of architecture, and other equally amazing sites.  If you are interested in including Geneva in your future travel plans, here are a few places you must experience for yourself.

Modern Contemporary Museum of Art

Modern Contemporary Museum of Art–This museum of art showcases exhibits that include priceless collections of modern artwork.  The best feature of this museum is that there is always something new to see since art displays are updated a total of three times per year.  

Russian Church - Geneva
Russian Church - Geneva

Russian Church–The architecture of the Russian Church is worth the trip.  Countless tourists have been awestricken by its golden domes shaped in an onion form.

Saint Pierre Cathedral Geneve

Saint Pierre Cathedral–This historical site of Geneva took over 400 years to create.  Today, the Cathedral’s basement is home to an archaeological museum, showcasing antique artifacts and relics dating as far back as 300 A.D.

Bastions Park in Geneve
Bastions Park in Geneve

Bastions Park–Bastions Park is the location of Geneva’s first university.  One of the key attractions is the Park’s chess boards in actual life-size.  This park is a place where chess masters of all ages come to enjoy the scenery while playing their favorite game.  If you desire a relaxed atmosphere, Bastions Park is a choice locale.

Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva--Another equally relaxing tourists location is Lake Geneva where people come for breathtaking views and nearby restaurants and snack bars.  There are also water activities to enjoy, such as lake cruises, rides, and water skiing.  It is the ultimate in recreation and relaxation.

The above is only a sampling of all Geneva has to offer.  Even though Geneva is a major city of Switzerland, it has still managed to maintain its simple, relaxing, natural atmosphere; the historic buildings and marvelous relics are the essence of this stunning city.  Anyone who takes a trip to Geneva will always treasure their time spent and can enjoy many of its amenities at a reasonable price.

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