Spring Break Travel to the Bahamas

Spring break the kids are off from school and what a better way to spend the time off than in a warm place such as the Bahamas. There are a number of great places and packages available this time of year even for families that might be on a budget. For those looking to go with a group of people rather than just the family, start looking into booking now and have everyone chip in to cover the cost. Here are a few effective and helpful tips to making your spring break better.

Travel to the Bahamas

  • How many people are going? Determine this so you know how many rooms you’ll need to book. There may be discounts available but don’t fret if the rooms can’t all be by each other. If this is what you want, chances are you need to book as far in advance as possible.
  • Make sure all the necessary travel documents are in line. Make sure each person has all of theirs before booking the trip. You will all need passports when traveling to the Bahamas. That’s why you should start planning for this as far as 6 weeks in advance.
  • Talk about the cost with everyone going on the trip. This ensures everyone is OK with meeting their portion of the cost. They need to know that expenses will include the airline if they have to fly in, food, transportation and beverages. Although, there are some companies that offer all-inclusive cruise packages that you can look into as well.
  • Talk about the dress code on the boat. There are some that require certain attire for dinners and there are many restaurants that have a business attire dress code rather than going in sandals and flip flops.
  • Keep in mind that US dollars are used in the Bahamas so if you decide to go shopping while you are docked for a few hours or a day you are covered.
  • While English is the primary language, you may run into areas where the people have a high accent or dialect so try and be patient with them.

Traveling to the Bahamas for Spring Break can be a breath of fresh air and can be a great way to bond with someone you love or with a gang of family and friends. Make sure you are fully prepared though.

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