Switch it Up – Nothing Wrong with a Domestic Vacation

If you’re trying to figure out where you’re going to travel next, but you’re just feeling frustrated…I know the feeling. There was a point where I felt like I had traveled all over the place. I had seen perfect ski slopes, bi mountains, beautiful beaches, hot sun…you name it, I had been through it. It was time for a change, but I just didn’t know what.

I found that I honestly needed to step back and think about a domestic vacation. Some people are a little wary of going with a domestic vacation, because they feel like they need to be constantly going to far off places. Yet there’s something about appreciating and accepting the beauty that’s right in our backyard.

Domestic Vacation

Take it as a chance to really check out that new restaurant that just popped up, or try to look at the new bookstore. It’s not going to be a traditional vacation, but think of the massive upsides. You’re not going to have to pay for a big hotel to stay in. Accommodation is one of the top expenses that you have to deal with when you’re looking at hotel life. So getting rid of that is absolutely wonderful.

What about when you’re really trying to evaluate other places? What if you’re looking at going somewhere that’s really fun but out of your price range? There’s nothing that says that you can’t just take the experiences that you wanted to have abroad and have them at home. Treating yourself to wonderful experiences can be tricky at home, but it’s doable.

Free time is something that’s precious. If anything, resting around the house isn’t a terrible idea. We all need to do things to address our stress levels. If you’re just going to lay around and hope that everything gets better, then you’re going to be in for a really bad time. It’s going to be up to you to design a vacation that really meets your needs. Anything less just doesn’t make sense.

So, where does a domestic vacation really lead? It’s truly up to you. There’s nothing that says that you have to stay in your same town. You might make day trips to other towns around you and check out pieces of their history. That can be fascinating, and many history buffs travel the world for this reason. But you can’t ignore the fact that every town has its own local history.

Explore the world around you on your terms, save money, live better, and have a great time? Sounds like paradise to me!

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