Take Your Next Winter Vacation in Cyprus

Many people feel like they could use a vacation in a nice, warm destination during the winter months. Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of places to choose from that have reliable weather in the winter time, and the ones that do can be way out of the average household’s vacation budget. The Canary Islands are an obvious choice and popular winter vacation destination for the middle class family. However, some of us have vacationed here so frequently that it would almost be a waste of money to return once more. Seeing the same landscape and sights over and over can certainly become a bore, which is often why people travel to distant locations to begin with!

If the above sounds familiar to you, you might be interested in visiting Cyprus. The average temperatures over the winter months are comparable to the Canary Islands, deeming Cyprus an excellent sunny vacation destination all year round. Also, considering Cyprus was once ruled by many different cultures such as Greek, Roman, Turkish, and British, it is extremely rich with culture and history. Tourists have over eight thousand years worth of background to explore, with an abundance of attractions for tourists to learn more about the amazing history behind the making of Cyprus that we know today.

Visit Cyprus
Visit Cyprus

One of the most popular Cyprian myths is the story of Aphrodite, who is famously known as the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is said to have been born in Cyprus and had emerged from the sea at what is today called the Rock of Aphrodite. It is a customary belief among Cyprians that those who swim all the way around the larger of the two rocks at the Rock of Aphrodite will be guaranteed to experience true love. This is just one of the many legends rooted into the diverse make-up of Cyprian culture.

As for landscape, a visit to Cyprus would be incomplete without a hike up the Troodos Mountains, where one is rewarded with the most spectacular and breathtaking scenery one can find in all of Cyprus. If you prefer cities, Cyprus offers the best of both worlds with a busy market at Troodos Square. Citizens of Cyprus are also well known for their warmth and genuine hospitality toward tourists and guests, so you will not be disappointed with the quality of resorts in Cyprus. The fact is that Cyprus is truly a hidden gem that has all of the qualities of commercial destinations and more.

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