Taking Your High End Valuables On Your Next Trip – Bring Proof, Too!

One of the time-tested rules of travel is that you try to avoid taking high end valuables with you on all of your holiday trips. It’s just too easy to get your things stolen, and insurance companies generally have nothing good to say if you file a claim based on this. However, there are still some people that want to add a little bling to their trip. Can we blame them? Of course not. It’s better to make sure that you’re going to be looking at getting the right appeal to your trip, but you still need to ensure that you’re going to be looking at all of the right things at the right time.

You see, it’s possible to take along valuables that you really want to show off. If you’re going to be attending a black tie dinner in another country, you probably want to wear a watch that your family has had for the last 50 years, even if it means that a thief would find it appealing as well.

The truth is that you need to make sure that you have a higher form of travel insurance than the run of the mill cheap stuff that you find online. If you can alert the insurance company to your itinerary, you might be able to get them to cover the valuables of your choice. Yet it doesn’t just stop there.

taking high end valuables

You also need to make sure that you’re going to be looking at getting your security up as high as possible. Don’t take your eyes off your bags and make sure that you keep your valuables out of sight until the last possible second. This includes money. Do you really need to let everyone in your host country know that you have money? Absolutely not. It’s only going to make you a target for theft. The hotel of your choice should also come with a room safe. If you don’t have this option, you need to look around for a tight safe that you can use and take with you when you’re finished. It’s not going to be as good as a safe that’s nailed into the wall of your hotel, but it can come close enough.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough — if you’re going to take high end valuables, you need to make sure that you’re covering as many of your bases as possible. Don’t forget to bring proof that you really own it so that you don’t end up looking like you stole something yourself. This hasn’t happened as much as it used to, but customs people can still be suspicious if you have tons of valuables on you, because most tourists don’t travel this way. Be prepared for questions, but don’t get nervous. You have all of the power to change your life, when you really think about it. Good luck with everything and don’t be afraid to show off a few select jewels… if you must.

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