The 5 most extravagant hotels in Europe

We all like to be extravagant occasionally, purse strings permitting of course; whether this is a romantic champagne induced night in a fancy restaurant, or a weekend in bliss at a lush and lavish spa. Some may consider a night in a nearby hotel extravagant; yet imagine how would it feel to pull up outside one of the most extravagant hotels in Europe, for a night or two of complete and utter unadulterated luxury?

Okay so we may need to break the bank to get there, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to look and dream.

The St. Regis Grand Hotel – Rome, Italy


Following an exuberant $35 million restoration, The St. Regis Grand Hotel has rightfully earned its place with the greatest, on the Condé Nast Travellers Gold List. With 138 rooms and 23 suites each boasting their own exclusive identity, The St. Regis Grand Hotel offers elegance on an epic level. From their butler service desk, to an unpacking and packing service, you can rest assured you’ll be in complete and luxuriously safe hands at all times. The hotel itself offers guests a limousine, concierge and babysitting services along with a fully fitted kamiSpa and fitness centre. With professionally trained staff, an hour spent in the kamiSpa is guaranteed to send you on a journey of over indulgence and relaxation.

Hotel de la Paix – Geneva, Switzerland


Built in 1865, and recently renovated; the Hotel de la Paix offers a grand collection of refinery, with each guest room packed with sumptuous comforts. From your very first step in to the lobby of this hotel, you will be spoilt with five-star sensory pleasure. From the jewelled chandelier to a fabulous blend of décor, both old and new; the Hotel de la Paix really does aim to please. With a range of 84 guest rooms and suites to choose from, and breath-taking views over Lake Geneva, you’ll never want to leave. Ever!

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King George Palace – Athens, Greece

Duly earning a place as a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, the King George Palace truly is a remarkable and luxurious boutique hotel. Playing home to Kings, Presidents, Princes and Athenians alike from the early 1930s, the King George Palace combines ultra-modern amenities with the refinement of a historic landmark. Providing personal attention to each of its guests, this hotel really does put comfort above everything. If that wasn’t enough, the 7th floor of the hotel boasts a fabulous Tudor restaurant with outstanding views over Athens and the Acropolis. With 102 rooms and 22 suites, the King George Palace makes for the perfect extravagant night’s stay.

Hotel du Louvre – Paris, France

Set amidst the Louvre Museum and the Paris de Palais Royal; the Hotel du Louvre is the absolute perfect place to indulge in unashamed luxury. With a Napoleon III style inspired décor, combined with contemporary comforts; this 1887 built hotel is simply flawless in every way. Standing in the heart of Paris, the Hotel du Louvre holds 117 rooms and 7 suites; each with their own traditional yet welcoming atmosphere. The artist Picasso is known to have occupied the Pissarro Suite in 1898, making it an extremely unique place to stay.

The Mardan Palace – Antalya, Turkey

Recently opened in 2009, The Mardan Palace is a place of ultimate indulgence. With a five-acre pool as a centre piece, and a sunken aquarium boasting over 2,000 fish, including sharks; the Mardan Palace really is a magnificent if not slightly eccentric place to stay. With a £1,500 per hour on site private spa, accessible via a door hidden behind a waterfall; which in true James Bond style, is parted by a special key to reveal the opening. Boasting an impressive jaw-dropping lavish interior, with a mixture of room, suites and duplexes, this 546 roomed hotel really is something else.

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