The Best Road Trips in America

Johnson City to Gatlinburg, Tennessee

This is one of the most beautiful stretches of highway that ever plowed through the mountains. You’ll drive through Greenville along your journey where you can visit the historical site that features two homes belonging to President Andrew Jackson. Take a detour onto US Route 321 and ride along Great Smoky Mountains National Park. On the second leg of this two day trip, you can drive through park or spend some time at the Dollywood theme park nearby.

Overseas Highway, Florida

Only a country that loves cars as much as we do would build a 105 miles worth of asphalt and concrete to link the islands from Key Largo to Key West. You’ll be on a causeway or bridge the entire drive, surrounded by brilliant blue water. It’s an absolutely mind blowing drive. Here’s a word of advice: traffic is less crowded in early summer and spring before the major waves of vacationers hit the area. For a view of the sunset that would make a religious man out of anyone, catch the view from Mallory Square Dock in Key West.  

Pierre to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

You’ll think that post cards and bobble heads are criminal once you gaze upon the majesty of Mount Rushmore in person. Once you see it, you’ll forget that you just drove 200 miles across scenery that looks like a painted canvass. From your starting point in Pierre, travel along US Route 83. It’ll take you across the Missouri River, and through grasslands to Interstate 90 West. For a taste of true South Dakota, take a trip off the main road and visit Murdo for the best buffalo burgers you’ll ever eat. There’s also Badlands National Park, home to mind blowing canyons and Rapid City, and home of the biggest dead president faces you’ll ever see carved into a natural land formation.

Monterey to Morro Bay, California

If I have to tell you that California’s Route 1, which glides like a surfer on the waves along the State’s central coast, is one of the best drives in the universe – then you don’t know anything about road trips. Start your journey in Monterey and wind your way through the scenery that makes California the world’s favorite State. You’ll pass Big Sur, where you’ll see the Santa Lucia Range roll down into the ocean. You’ll finish up somewhere round San Simeon, where the Hearst Castle boasts brilliant architectural design, but won’t hold a candle to what the good, green earth just laid upon your eyes.

I don’t need to tell you that you don’t take road trips on a whim. Plan your route ahead of time and tried and true map. Some of the best sites this place has to offer won’t be found on some click and print internet directions.

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