The exotic Bhutan

Bhutan is interesting and unique place where you can easy forget about daily stress and spend one of the best vacations in your life. It is a country of dragons, beautiful houses with magnificent architecture and unique monasteries hidden in the rocks. Visiting Bhutan during your summer vacation is not like visiting one of the crowded resorts in the world where you simply can not find peace. Bhutan is a country where you can relax and free your imagination without any efforts.

Bhutan is really fabulous country situated in the eastern Himalayas. It has border with Tibet and India, but when we talk about geography, this is not the most interesting thing about Bhutan. It is amazing, but there are still large unexplored areas in the country where you can see incredible flora and fauna. People even say that if you are lucky, you can see a dragon high in the mountains. Actually, the dragons are the country’s main attraction. Taksang Laghang Dzong monastery is a place where dragon came to listen the singing of the monks. It is very popular tourist attraction and if you have a chance you should visit it for sure. The dragon will give you peace and wisdom, and you will definitely become more positive and creative person.

Visiting Bhutan

Thimphu, the capital of the country, is another place which you should visit during your stay in Bhutan. It is major religious, cultural and commercial center. You can also visit Punakha, Laya, Mongar, Trongsa, Paro and Bumthang are also very beautiful cities with their own unique spirit and atmosphere. In Bumthang you can see many fantastic monasteries, beautiful old fortress and unique craft center where you can see some of the best masterpieces in the country. As you see, there are many monasteries which you can visit in Bhutan. Some other which are not mentioned above are Dawn-Dzong, Sangtoperli and Chhubhakhar. There are many travel agencies offering tours to all these monasteries. You just have to look for some cheap travel packs and you will be able to see the beauty of Bhutan at very affordable price.

The culture of Bhutan is also very original and unique. In order to preserve the traditions of the country, the government limits the foreign influences and encourages the local people to wear only traditional clothes. By order of the government, most of the buildings in the country were painted in bright and traditional colors. Now you can see many palaces and usual buildings decorated in beautiful paintings. It is really great strategy to make the country more attractive and beautiful. The view is really amazing and it will remain in your heart forever.

Another interesting fact about Bhutan is that it is the only country in the world where smoking is prohibited. But do not worry if you are a smoker. It is only prohibited for the local people and you can smoke, just make sure to bring enough cigarettes with you, because you will find very hard place where you can buy some.

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