The Italian Experience – An Essential Part of Your Trip to Europe

With its picturesque scenery, rich history, and delectable cuisine, Italy can be the highlight of your trip to Europe. Before traveling to Italy, you should know about the following six must-see sights so that you can maximize your travel experience.

Venice and the Italian Alps are two charming destinations that will allow you to appreciate Italy’s magnificent beauty. Venice is a romantic, unique city on the Adriatic Sea, and the scenery is something right out of a movie – this city is a popular backdrop for romantic films. To add even more impressiveness to this city, the entire town is built on the water, so the waterways serve as streets.

The Italian Alps are a remarkable sight that can, at times, seem unreal. Not only are they a scenic part of the Italian landscape, they also hold a lot of history. Years ago, in the days of the Roman Empire, Hannibal stormed over these mountains with a massive army in a surprise attack on the Romans.

Italian Alps
Italian Alps

The Roman Colosseum, Florence, and the Vatican are three historical landmarks that have preserved their heritage so well that visiting any of the three can make you feel like you’re going back in time.

Visiting the Colosseum, a Roman architectural wonder, can bring you back to the days of the gladiators. Within the walls is a legacy of both intrigue and brutality. With the gratuitous acts of violence committed here, the Colosseum has something of a dark past, but nevertheless it is a fascinating piece of history.

Florence is a haven for art lovers, and if you were never into art before, you will be upon visiting Florence. Here you can find the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. One notable work of art found here is Michelangelo’s famous statue of St. David.

The Vatican is another place that incorporates art, history, and architecture to create a breathtaking sight.

No trip to Italy is complete without a tour of Wine Country. Traveling through Italy’s Wine Country can give you a newfound appreciation for the effort that goes into making wine. Seeing the way that winemakers work at their craft can even accentuate the flavor of the wines that you taste along the way. You can also bring home some bottles of your favorite wines as souvenirs of your travels.

Visiting these six destinations is a must if you ever decide to travel to Italy. These landmarks can be the highlight of your European vacation.

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