The Summer Was Made for Traveling to Costa Rica!

Dreaming about summer already?  You’re definitely in good company. A lot of people are thinking about where to go this summer on vacation, and the truth is that the world is really your oyster. If you’re not sure where you should travel this summer and you really want to check out something new, why not take a trip to Costa Rica? The summer is perfect for traveling to Costa Rica, because you can not only do it on a budget, but the weather is going to be almost picture perfect too. You might get a few rainy days here or there, but it’s truly a paradise just waiting for you to check it out.

Even though you can go to Costa Rica on a budget, you really need to make sure that you set aside at least a week. For most people, it’s really the best thing that you can do because you truly get the time to check out everything that the country has to offer.

Of course, the first question you have to think about after you’ve decided how long you want to stay in the country is what type of accommodations you want. In Costa Rica, you actually have a few different places to choose from. For example, you might want to go with the Hotel El Silencio del Campo, which is in La Fortuna de San Carlos. It’s also at the site of the Arenal Volcano National Park. The Arenal volcano has to be one of the most famous attractions in Costa Rica. You get to see nice views of the volcano that are safe — you get the lush greenery without the lava flows, which is always a good thing. Yes, the volcano is still active, but the people are generally safe — which means that it’s a great tourist attraction of course!

Traveling to Costa Rica

The hotel in question has a lot of features, and there are individual cabins to give you a nice balance between the hotel atmosphere and being in your own space. If you’re thinking about staying for a week or longer, this is definitely the best way to go.

If you don’t want to wander too far in your new host country, you might want to stay here for the food, too. Costa Rican cuisine is simple but delicious, filling without leaving you feeling heavy and too weak to move around. You’ll feel energized by the food and you’ll still want to go out as much as possible.

If you want more natural splendor, you have to take a trip to the Eco-Thermales, which is essentially a series of hot pools. The temperatures vary, so if you’re not someone that likes it hot, you don’t have to feel like you get to miss out on all of the fun. Another thing that’s nice is that there’s a group option, which means that you get to meet people and still feel safe and comfortable. For the adults that like to indulge, there is a bar at Eco-Thermales, which means that you can have a few drinks if that helps you socialize better — we aren’t here to judge, you know!

If you want a little more adventure in your trip, you can’t skip over the Sky Trek Tour, which is essentially a large zip line. You get to fly through the air and actually check out the canopy view. It can feel surreal to be up in the air like that, especially when you know that you have other things that you want to see. If the zip line style isn’t your thing, you can always take a guided tour that will have you walking on the bridges. It’s not stable land, but it comes pretty close.

Continuing our nature theme, you can head from your hotel to the bus and venture out to Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. It’s a beautiful reserve that has plenty of hiking trails. If you’re an active type of person, you’ll love doing things like this — it’s really good if you really want to burn a few calories. Of course, when you think about all of the yummy food waiting for you in Costa Rica, you’ll definitely want to end up working out whenever you can!

Now, you might worry that Costa Rica isn’t safe, but the truth is that this is an island country that is ranked very high in the world in terms of safe environment. As long as you use common sense, you’ll be free to enjoy Costa Rica to your heart’s content.

It can be hard to pack in so many activities in the space of a week, and you might not even want to try. Still, if you really want to make sure that you have a great time in Costa Rica, you’ll have the freedom to define your trip on your terms!

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