There’s Something Special About Traveling through Indochina!

Deep down, when we search for travel that actually means something to us; we’re ultimately searching for culture and experience. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t other reasons why we travel, but when travel goes beyond just escape, you start thinking about higher intellectual goals than just getting away from whatever’s troubling you at home. If you’re not sure where to travel next, you really need to think about Indochina. Of course, what we’re referring to here is India and China, but if you look at any geographic map or even a world globe, you’ll see exactly how close India and China really are. In ancient times, this closeness provided a great trade route that was easy to follow and led to great rewards. However, there is something to be said about holidays in India today — they’re a lot more interesting than you might expect! At first glance, you really might not believe us — after all, it’s not like everyone talks about going to India or even going to China. Yet that’s the secret appeal of these places. Everyone knows about them, yet only the seasoned and bold travelers actually step off the beaten path and explore what these countries have to offer.


If you’re looking for a great time, you really can’t do better than India. Between the great respect for past traditions and the vibrancy of modern day life, there is something for everyone in your travel group to enjoy. If you’re looking for culture, you’ll definitely find it — after all, over 400 tribes call India home in some way or another. In addition, if you want a luxury experience, India has that for you. Even if you want to go on the cheap, there are ways to accommodate this goal as well.

When it comes to China holidays, your options here are just as varied — you will have plenty of things to do and see in China, provided that you go with the guided experience. Sure, you could venture out on your own, but why would you really want to? There’s no reason to do this when a guided tour can cut right through the confusion and lead to the interesting parts.

The best way to get started is to plan ahead — just like you would with any other upcoming trip. Sure, you could do the last minute thing, but we recommend that you plan things out. It’s just too easy for problems to rise to the surface when you don’t plan things out ahead of time. Giving yourself even a month ahead of when you would like to go is enough time to figure out what type of experience you want to have, and then the time to actually pursue it!

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