Traveling to Cuba

Cuba is the largest Caribbean island. It is located south of Florida, and north of Jamaica. Cuba has an interesting and colorful history. It’s landscape offers white sandy beaches, and blue shimmering water as well as lush tropical country.

Almost all of Cuba is tourist friendly, although Western Cuba more so. If you prefer the excitement of the city, you might be interested in the capitol, Havana, which has historic architecture, and a booming nightlife. If you’re looking for a more rural destination, try Maria la Gorda. Located in the Pinar del Rio province, Maria la Gorda is a great place for site seeing and snorkeling.

Maria la Gorda
Maria la Gorda

There are many four star, and even five star hotels in Cuba, but you might want to try a less expensive alternative. Private houses that are licensed to provide lodging to tourists, called casas particulares, offer an experience of the real Cuban lifestyle. There are many casas particulares, even in smaller towns. Make certain though that you are staying in a “casa” that is legal. You can tell a legal house by looking for the sticker on the front door, commonly blue with a white background.

It is recommended that on your visit to Cuba you not drink any unpurified water. Even some Cubans boil their water. Bottled water is the easy way to go, and is readily available in hotels and stores.

Some people consider Cuba to be an unsafe country to visit, but in reality Cuba is very safe. With local police, and neighborhood watches, the streets are kept clean of violent crime. But as when traveling to any foreign country use common sense, and abide by the law. Credit card scams are common, so watch the sales person closely when they swipe your card. If anything seems out of place, cancel the transaction.

A vacation to Cuba can be a fun and exciting experience. Cuba is a beautiful and exotic place, full of interesting things to discover.

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