Visiting Roswell, New Mexico – Where the Aliens Are?

Roswell lies in the lower southeastern section of New Mexico. It is a mid-sized city – over 45,000 people call this town home. It is the home of the New Mexico Military Institute, and the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located just a few miles northeast of the city.

The city has a rich history, filled with both celebrities, and controversy. In the 1930s, Roswell was the birthplace for a great deal of Robert Goddard’s early work with rocketry. Demi Moore was also born here, along with John Denver and Mike Smith. The sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, also calls this place home.


There is also controversy here, amongst all the stars. In July of 1947, the US Army Air Force in Roswell announced the retrieval of a “flying disk”. The official answer from higher command in Fort Worth, Texas was that it was the remains of a weather balloon. In the 1980’s, the debate of what actually crashed just 75 miles west of Roswell opened up again. Many believe that it was a flying saucer containing aliens from outer space, but others believe the official story from the government – that it was just a weather balloon. Even today, you will be hard pressed to find no one in Roswell that won’t discuss the UFO incident with you.

For those looking for a little more culture, Roswell is also home to the Roswell Museum and Art Center. They offer a great collection of fine art, history, and space science technology. The museum is also home to the Basset Education Center, which offers a broad selection of classes for all ages. The museum also houses one of the largest planetariums in all of New Mexico, named after Robert H. Goddard, a rocketry pioneer.

Art lovers will enjoy the works of two regional artists, Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth. Their paintings reflect the landscape of the Southwest, and the people and places that call the area home. Roswell’s finest museum also hosts an Artist-In-Residence Program, recognized nationally for its forward-thinking procedures and generous provisions. They encourage artists to explore deeper ideas and take risks to gain understanding about their work. The residence facility is made up of a group of houses and studios settled on the edge of Roswell. The artists receive housing and money to support them on their journey, and when they are finished at the end of the year, they may receive exhibition of their work, right at the museum!

Roswell, New Mexico is a mid-sized town with small town charm, providing a small set of meaningful activities that will keep visitors coming back to the city again and again.

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