What Holidaymakers Know About Singapore That You Don’t

Look, we’re big travel fans. And we believe that it’s time to definitely see everything and anything that this world has in store. However, you really need to make sure that you’re looking closely into other countries that you might have overlooked. That’s the point of this series, anyway — to give you more to look forward to, one step at a time.

You need to make sure that you check out Singapore, an incredible country that has plenty to do and plenty to see. Since we haven’t given you a country wide guide in a long time, we figured that we’d get things cooking again nicely.

It’s all about knowing what you’re getting into. When it comes to Singapore, you need to remember that it’s actually a city-state. It’s a country, but it’s really focused on one city and that’s it. However, this is a city that has well over five million people, and more people are coming every year to call this place home. It’s very densely populated, but there are other characteristics of Singapore that truly make it special.


This is a city covered by greenery, which is something that a lot of urban centers just can’t claim. You start worrying that you won’t fit in, only to find that you’ll actually fit in just fine. There’s nothing to worry about. There’s nothing to prove — just come in as a tourist and figure out which part of this massive, sprawling city that you want to enjoy. There are well over 50 parks within the city limits, and there are also 4 beautiful nature reserves. If you’re someone that feels deeply connected to nature, it’ll be like getting the best of both worlds.

What’s important to realize about Singapore is that there are lots of sections within the city. They can often be seen as their own little towns, they’re really that big. For example, you could probably make a trip out of visiting the Central Business District and Riverside, with is where a lot of Singapore’s museums and statues are.

But if you’re a shopper, you’ll fall in love with this city. It’s all about going to Orchard Road, to Marina Bay, to Kampong Glam, to Chinatown. Every section adds something. Chinatown gives you a taste of China without leaving the city, and many Chinese still live here. Naturally, they’ve spread out so you’ll find plenty of Chinese and other groups all over the city as well.

Gambling is the name of the game here, and you’ll find casinos to attract your attention. Some have commented that while Singapore is very safe, they do that by enforcing a lot of rules to make it so. This might take the wind out of your sails if you were planning to be drunk and disorderly, or abuse drugs while you’re within the country. By the way, about that drug thing? Singapore does indeed crack down hard on drug violations. The death penalty within the country is enforced and you could find yourself facing time behind bars — even if you are not a citizen of Singapore!

It’s also not just a playground for the rich, the way others view Monaco or Luxembourg — there’s tons of street food happening almost all of the time. Alcohol can be purchased, but you might pay through the nose for it. There are also establishments that cater primarily to Muslims, and therefore do not allow you to order alcohol there.

For an Asian country, you will find a great deal of diversity. Many people do speak English, but the language of the day will usually be Mandarin Chinese. If you can learn a little bit of that, you’ll be able to navigate better than most tourists.

No matter when you’re going to be traveling to Singapore, there’s one thing that you do have to remember: it’s HOT. Really hot. There isn’t a lot of relief found in the rain either. You’ll have lots of sun, but there’s continuous rainstorms that come through. Bring you umbrella, because you’ll definitely need it. Drink plenty of water if you’re going to be outside, because the sun can really beat down on you.


Make sure that you’re getting your visa needs taken care of before you even try to leave the airport. If you’re a citizen of the EU, you get 90 days to be in the city.

Not only are pornographic images and video outlawed in Singapore, you also cannot bring in firearms. If you are on any medications at all that need to come with you, you need to get clearance of this ahead of time. Having signed doctor’s authorizations definitely makes the difference. Don’t try to hope that you’ll squeak by. The Singaporean customs officers scan every bag that comes in, checking manually if necessary. If you are caught with undeclared drugs they treat it very seriously.

Getting around Singapore is FUN! You have tons of options to move around, from going around on foot, to taking the train, all the way up to getting on the bus. There’s way too much public transportation to try to rent your own vehicle. It’s very expensive, it’s going to take you way too long and it’s not a pleasant experience anyway.

Talk about a sightseer’s paradise. There’s the Botanical Gardens, a wide range of beaches and resorts aimed at tourists. You have food just coming from everywhere, museums and even places of worship are worth looking at. This is a city that prides itself on having so many different ethnic groups living under one roof that it’s unreal.

You can play golf at many gold courses, and even check out the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, where the big night races are. It’s crazy and definitely worth checking out if you’re really interested.

There’s horse racing and even polo available as well. Singapore is an international city with a lot of tastes.

If you’re going to stay in Singapore, make the choice to get the nicest hotel possible. You’ll want not only the air conditioning, but a place to really feel like you’re on top of the world. That’s the real excitement, right?

This is a place to bring your family, but again, you’ll want to be careful with the heat. This is especially true when it comes to young children. Making sure that they have hats and light clothing will be incredibly important.

If you get lost, there’s usually someone that can help you on your way with very little problems. Step in to Singapore, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

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