What you Need for a Gorilla Safari

If you are lucky enough to be heading off on a trip of a lifettime on a Uganda safari there are a few things you will need to bring with you.

One item that should definitely top your list is a digital camera or video camera. On your gorilla safari you will encounter some truly awesome sights, so having a camera on hand is essential to capture those moments and keep them forever. If you don’t have a digital camera or you have just a cheap one you might want to look into investing in a good quality camera to make sure your pictures come out clean and sharp. You will also want to buy more than one memory card as the last thing you want is to run out of memory halfway through your safari.

An animal spotting guide is always a good purchase to make before you head off on safari. While you will have a knowledgeable guide with you to point animals out you will encounter so many on your trip that without a handy guide book it might be difficult to keep up with what you have spotted.

Gorilla Safari Uganda

Picking the right clothing is important and, the general rule when on safari, is to keep it casual. Because of the dust you will encounter it’s often best to take neutral colours to hide the dust and dirt especially when viewing big game on the African planes. When staying in luxury lodges at night, smart casual outfits are appropriate for dinning. Temperatures can vary greatly with cool nights and mornings and hot middays. For this reason you need to vary your outfits and make sure you pack plenty of light, breathable clothing, ideally made of cotton, as well as warmer jumpers, jackets and socks. Sunglasses are essential as is a hat to protect you from the strong sun. Binoculars are also advised to help you spot animals and birds. The correct type of footwear is essential to make sure you are able to enjoy the sometimes long treks to spot the gorillas in the forest.

Taking the right medication and vaccinations is important in keeping you fit and healthy while on safari. Contact your operator to find out what, if any, injections are required and if malaria pills are needed. You can also ask your doctor if you have any worries. Along with any medication, make sure you take good strong sun block to protect you from the strength of the sun’s rays. Insect repellent is another essential you will need to take. Make sure you bring enough sun block and medications with you as there is no guarantee you will be able to stock up on items while out there.

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