Boutique Hotels Are Making a New Splash – With Good Reason!

Tired of traditional hotels? We don’t blame you. When you’re going to go traveling, you already plan ahead of time to spend good money. This means that it’s more than just travel — it’s building an experience. It’s making memories. It’s getting away from all of the stress and strain of everyday life. You owe that to yourself. You owe yourself a chance to be able to rest, relax, and try to let the rest of life pass you by. You have to keep everything in perspective. Do you have to necessarily spend a lot of money? No, not at all. But do you want a specific experience that may come at a premium? Yes, you might be in that category.

Thankfully, there is a way to spend good money without feeling cheated. Let’s start with the accommodations here, shall we?

Boutique hotels are making a splash in a big way. A lot of travelers are fed up with the same generic, sterile experience that they can have at virtually every hotel. As Tim Ferriss famously said in The Four Hour Work Week, it’s time to actually see the world rather than just passing through life like a bored spectator. Again, it’s all about how you spend money.

When you get into a boutique hotel, you’ll find that there’s actually a lot of potential to feel right at home. Since the hotel is a lot smaller, there’s a feeling of intimacy that isn’t seen with the big hotel chains. You also feel more connected to the local economy, since these aren’t going to be hotel chains. These are regular hotels run by entrepreneurs. If you want to support the rising entrepreneurial movement in a country, going with a boutique hotel can really be a good thing.

You’re also going to have a nice taste of luxury that might not have been there before. The staff will really want to earn your business again, which means that you need to definitely think about any type of little details that you want to have added. Remember that if you don’t speak up, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get what you’re really looking for.

It’s completely up to you to design the vacation that you ultimately want to have. While the accommodations aren’t the only thing that you will need to think about, they account for a very large part of the planning work. Good luck!

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