Don’t Overlook Ibiza For Summer Fun!

Summer is still going strong — even though it feels like fall might be around the corner. If you’re still trying to squeeze in a summer trip but you wanted to wait till things cooled off, why not start now? Of course, you might not be sure where you actually want to go. That’s perfectly okay. We have a new one for you that’s been around for a while: Ibiza!

The island is well known for a big, swinging lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to join in. You can always make sure that you settle in to enjoy yourself — and we have the exact travel guide you need.


Let’s cover the highlights. You might need to pack a lunch but we promise you’ll get the information you need before you book.

So, let’s start at the beginning: Ibiza is an island of Spain, part of the Balearic Islands chain. The island isn’t terribly big — about 42 km long at the most.

Every official sign on the island is in Catalan, but the locals will speak either Castilian, English, or German. So if you’re an English speaker, don’t feel like you’re automatically going to be out of luck. There are plenty of opportunities to speak up and get help. It’s a tourist island, you know.

Flying in is pretty much the preferred method of getting on the island, and there is an airport.

If you’re going to get around on the island, you definitely want to go with public transportation. We don’t suggest driving, because there are way too many crazy drivers. It’s not just us telling you a story — there really are a lot of scary accidents. You’re a LOT better off going with public transportation, and if you do decide to rent a car, you need to make sure that you’re watching for EVERYTHING that could possibly happen. We don’t mean to stop the party, but there are some things that you have to think about as a tourist.


Many tourists come to party, and that means that they are going to be drinking. Some of them may still end up behind the wheel of a car. Does that mean that you should pay for their stupidity with your life? Not at all. The local police force does try to crack down on this, as it’s a threat to the safety of everyone on the island, tourist or otherwise.

If you’re going to use the taxis, you need to make sure that you go with a licensed taxi. The lines might be longer, but they’re fair by design. If you go with the fixed-price taxis that show up right as you get out of the airport, you’re going to pay through the nose.

But enough negativity — let’s talk about things to actually see! You can definitely check out all of the beaches, and Ibiza has plenty of them. If you’re into culture and history, and you love looking at old ruins, Ibiza Town is really where you want to be.

There’s an amazing market called Hippy Market, and it’s on the east coast of the island (Es Canar).

Bar Anita has attracted creative bohemian types since the 50s — it’s also worth checking out.

If you’re wild about natural caves, then you have to look at Cova de Can Marca. It’s in Puerto de San Miguel, and you need to take time out of your day to check it out. Don’t worry if you feel small — it’s something that many tourists report upon seeing how far the caves go back.

Ibiza isn’t just about partying. Take some time to really enjoy the beauty and splendor of the island. You can walk between towns with ease, and there’s plenty of scenery for you to actually enjoy. There are even professional photographers that come here to take photos, because the backdrop of nature is just that good.

If you want to be productive on your vacation, you can always learn Spanish. There are plenty of locals that love helping people embrace the language that is truly natural to them. There are also hostels around the schools that are perfect for backpackers and anyone else that wants to save money while they travel.

If you’re a shopper, you’ll find plenty of things to buy at market stands, any festivals that go on during the summer, and just about everywhere you look. Ibiza is well known for tourists, and they do try to attract tourists that are ready to spend.

Speaking of shopping, you might as well eat while you’re in town…right? Absolutely! You’ll find plenty of grilled meat, seafood and other goodies, since you’re right on the beach. The seafood is very fresh, and you also have tourist favorites like pizza to look forward to. Hey, we’re not saying to gorge out on pizza, but it’s there if you want it.

One local staple that everyone swears by would have to be ensaimada, which is a big coil of pastry that’s very sweet.

If you are going to check out the nightlife and you want to drink, you need to make sure that you understand the bars really don’t start getting interesting until the early evening. No one really drinks too much during the actual day. But the party does last longer than you might expect — all the way up to 4am and even later if things go into private parties along the resorts. The clubs are also going to charge a door fee, and the drinks aren’t cheap. But hey, you get to have some of the greatest DJs on earth come to you and play for you. That’s got to be worth something, right?

We thought so, too. 🙂 A club that a lot of partiers enjoy is Eden, which is in San Antonio (a city on the island). It’s a very large club and rather new, but it attracts great DJ’s. If you want to check out a classic club, head over to Space. It’s a nightclub that’s been around for a while, and they know what the classic Ibiza partygoer really wants.

Ready to splurge? You’ll want to check out Pacha. It’s not for budgeters at all, and they have a VIP experience that is very lovely. Everyone reports that Pacha truly treats everyone like stars if you want to be treated like one, but it’s not going to be a cheap experience.

Of course, you’ll want a place to lay your head after all of that partying. You’ve got a wide range of options on the island, from the humble hostel all the way up to the rock star, five-star super resort. Renting a villa is also an option — many people save up so that they can do just that. It’s really like having a home away from home.

Would we recommend Ibiza for everyone? Not at all. Families might feel that it’s a little too wild for their liking. But if you’re single or part of a fairly young travel group, this will definitely be up your alley. You can even charter a boat and head over to Formentera, an island that neighbors Ibiza.

Thanks for checking out our overview on all things Ibiza — have fun!

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