Hawaiin Island – A Perfect Destination for Tourists

When the vacation time is near we find many a people looking for various touring destinations. You may find a number of touring destinations on the world map and to choose one of them is a big difficulty. Let me ease your problem by describing about one of the most famous tourist destinations that might be on your list but because of lack of information of the place you might reject it. I am talking about the 50thState of America, The Hawaiin Island, place which is definitely worth spending a vacation.

Hawaii, located almost in the center of North Pacific Ocean, is famous for its natural beauties and this asset makes it a sought out spot for tourism. In fact Hawaii is mainly dependent on tourism economically. This place boasts of 8 major islands out of which six are open to tourists; these are –

1. The Big Island,
2. Oahu
3. Maui
4. Kauai
5. Lanai
6. Molokai

Let us see in brief what each of the above island is famous for-

1. The Big island

The Big island

It has some of wonderful sightseeing points viz. Mauna Kea, Hawaii volcano national park. Working ranches, coffee plantations and many more exotic locations. One of the most active volcanoes, Mauna Loa happens to lie on the Big Island.

2. Oahu


The gathering centre of Hawaii, Oahu is one of the most populous city. Formally known as the commercial center it has some of the best beaches wherein you can hang around and have fun. Some of the popular destinations here are Waikiki beach, pineapple fields, USS Arizona National Memorial at Pearl Harbor and the North shore. The North shore is famous for its large waves generated during the winter season & the Waikiki for its hiking trains and rainforests.

3. Maui


It forms a home to the tall volcanic mountain Crater of Halekala. Also known as the volcanic isle, Maui has some resort areas of Kaanapali, Lahania and Kihei. While driving through Maui you will find a panoramic view of mountains and valleys which will be really mesmerizing. So for those who love driving and sightseeing this is the place to be for them.

4.  Kauai


Known as the Garden isle. Some of the worth watching spots are Wailua River, Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast and Mount Waileale. This island happens to experience a lot of rainfall particularly the regions around Mount Waileale. 
5. Molokai


Known as friendly isle, itt is one of the least developed islands of Hawaii region.

6. Lanai


It has some very good resorts though not that popular.

In short, Oahu is best spot for those people who want a glimpse of the beauty of the Hawaii Islands. For people who want a break from their usual hectic life and want some peaceful atmosphere should prefer going to some of the other less populous islands like Maui & Kauai. These are very relaxing places where you just enjoy the sun and sand. All places have hiking sites, rainforests and water parks.

Hawaii is best known for its water sport activities; everywhere tourists have opportunities for performing activities like surfing, snorkeling, Scuba diving and para-sailing. Though Hawaii has been now encroached politically, it is still untamed and beautiful and is definitely a good bet for money.

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