The Top In-Demand French Property Destinations

Property in France is really hot right now, and thousands of people from the UK are making enquiries about investing in, and purchasing properties. Whether you’re looking for a home-share for the summer, or want to buy a property outright so you can visit it any time you like, there’s more than enough on offer in France thanks to the continued construction industry boom. France is a big country however, and it can be difficult narrowing down your search to a certain area. Let’s take a look at some of the best up and coming locations in France to buy property this year.


Honfleur france

Honfleur can be found on the bank of the River Seine, and is a small town with beautiful architecture. Situated just by the river, you can guess that views are simply stunning, and this has caused a lot of interest with domestic as well as international buyers. Although the price might be slightly driven up by this interest, the atmosphere and general feel of the town stays the same, and if you catch the shoreline on a warm summer’s day, you’ll even be able to go paddling in the river, as winter temperatures are too cold. It’s hard to resist such a charming neighbourhood, so if you’re thinking about moving to Honfleur, then be sure to make enquiries with local estate agents.


Charente is another beautiful and upcoming property location in France, and can be found in the Poitou-Charentes region. This quiet and sleepy town bears the name of the Charente River, which goes through the two closest towns Angouleme and Cognac. Charente is a far cry from city life, and if you enjoy the simple things like fine wine, great food and wonderful people, then Charente is the place for you. Although this town area does experience some tourists, numbers are small, and unless they venture off by themselves, they’re kept to the obvious touristy parts of the town.


If you enjoy the sea air, then there’s nowhere better to invest in a property than in Sete. This lovely town is perched right on the coast, and one of the best things about it, is that it has no tourist features – so you’re not going to be overrun with visitors in the summer! There is one attraction in Sete, and that is the town itself. With stunning beaches, golden sands, warm waters and charming properties, it’s no wonder why this area has slowly crept up the most-wanted properties list. Rent a car in France this year with Auto Europe.


Morbihan is a classic French town, and it is known all over the country for its historical elements rather than its property. Still, Morbihan offers a lot for those people looking to get away from it all, and you’d be surprised at home many people have been enquiring into available properties here. Local attractions include big hills to hike as well as cycle up, and there are even some mountains in the distance that you can climb.

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