10 Sexiest Travel Destinations of 2010

One thing all couples should do in 2010 is travel somewhere new and exotic. To assist in narrowing down the number of locations to consider, here are 10 of the coolest and sexiest places to go this year.

Sexy Travel Destinations
Sexy Travel Destinations

1. Caye Caulker, Belize. One of the most famous spots in the Caribbean and synonymous with romance, this is a must visit. Relax on the beautiful beaches, enjoy the view, and meet others out doing the same. This is also a fantastic spot for the reggae lover, with plenty of authentic music.

2. Kauai, Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the first places that springs to mind when romance is mentioned. Kauai provides a more natural getaway for you and your significant other to live a more primal existence for a while.

3. Ischia, Italy. If you are not looking for beaches, this may be your ideal spot. As a more remote and seclude location, you will have more quality alone time. Approximately 20 miles from Naples, Ischia is peaceful and inviting. Take your special someone out for a boat ride and escape from the world for a while. The natural warm spring will give you the ideal romantic evening.

4. Krabi, Thailand. This is the perfect spot for adventuresome couples. Explore new areas either hiking above ground or in caves, or head out into the beautiful waters to snorkel, Krabi has plenty of activities to keep you on the go.

5. Langkawi, Malaysia. Mystical Malaysia can be a marvelous way to get to know the more intrigue side of your partner. Enjoy the exotic architecture on the many shrines and temples as you stroll around the area. Or head out to explore the caves and gorgeous natural rock formations complimented by waterfalls, and spend the evenings on the relaxing beaches.

6. Mykonos, Greece. For those looking to find someone or just to get out and have fun, Mykonos should be the destination. A party town with a vibrant nightlife, Mykonos is bursting with beautiful specimens of both genders playing on the beaches and in the streets.

7. Oahu, Hawaii. With plenty of daytime and nighttime activity, Oahu is a location for those who remember the Hawaii 5-0. The only problem will be finding the time to sleep.

8. Paris, France. It isn’t a cliché, it truly is the most romantic city on Earth. This is one spot that should be on everybody’s top 10 list and is well worth the trip. Even after dark, there is plenty to do between the clubs and restaurants. And of course, very things are as romantic as a day spent wondering through the Louvre.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Another party city full of gorgeous people, Rio de Janeiro is a great place to head with friends. For the prime time to find crowds, watch for the Carnival festival. It is an unmasked party in the streets where everyone can have fun.

10. Vieques, Puerto Rico. Finally, another secluded, romantic spot for those wishing to escape the world. With its numerous beaches spreading for miles, it is an unbeatable place to go to get someone time together. During the right time, some of the fantastic sea creatures will illuminate your walks, along with the moon.

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